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September, 2014 - Issue #119
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Anti-aging Skincare Below your Face
Wrinkles, crepiness, or discolored skin all show up on areas that haven't been shielded from the sun or routinely protected with sunscreen. This is especially true for the neck and chest because we tend to neglect those areas far more than our face. Just like your hands can give away your age, your neck, chest, and decollete can do the same. To see improvement and keep your skin looking healthy and young, you need to be as consistent in your routine with your neck, chest and decollete as you are with your face routine. Sun damage on the chest and decollete is treatable: If you notice brown spots, start with a skin-lightening product or procedure like IPL and always use sunscreen that provides sufficient broad-spectrum protection to prevent further damage. At night, follow up with a well-formulated anti-aging treatment like Nectifirm by Revision Skincare, which helps the skin appear more firm and lifted, reduces the appearance of rough, crepey skin and lessens the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Center 254-3686

What You Need to Know About...
Mommy Makeovers

Many women struggle to feel good about themselves after the stresses that childbearing has placed on their bodies. They will put off their own well-being for years, forgetting that a confident mom that feels great about herself is one of the best gifts she can give her children.

With the help of a board certified surgeon from Beverly Hills Physicians you can love your body again with a Mommy Makeover. A Mommy Makeover is a series of procedures specifically designed for mothers to reconnect with the sense of youthful beauty they enjoyed prior to pregnancy. Most commonly, a Mommy Makeover surgery consists of a combination of breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Many women also choose to have liposuction, a breast lift and/or vaginal rejuvenation as part of their makeover. The surgeons at BHP are highly skilled and experienced at helping moms achieve their body goals. Surprisingly, costs are lower and recovery times are quicker than most anticipate.

It's the commitment to personalized care and the individual needs of every patient that has kept moms and others coming back to Beverly Hills Physicians in Valencia. Learn more about these procedures by logging onto or call for a free consultation. 249-4040

Teaching your Child Good Brow-grooming
Every mom loves "girls day," when the boys stay home and they get to treat their daughters to lunch, shopping and some of the rituals that will help express their inner beauty. Heather Nelson of WAX is familiar with those days, when mothers bring their junior-high-aged daughters in for their first brow shaping and then return for some "guided maintenance" as they grow into their teen years. Waxing, while it might be slightly uncomfortable the first time, is a good way to give young women the confidence they need to resist the urge to over tweeze. With parental consent and reason, there is no real minimum age for waxing. Good rules of thumb: If they're getting teased - wax! If they are self-conscious - wax! If they're leaning toward doing it themselves - wax! If they're looking for the best, natural, supportive professional - WAX by Heather Nelson! 644-4346

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Collagen & the War on Wrinkles
Collagen is the main structural component providing firmness, strength and elasticity to skin. As we age, collagen production ceases and what remains becomes weaker. Collagen loss is furthered by sun exposure and other environmental factors. All of this leads to sagging, wrinkled skin.

Dermacure Medical Aesthetics offers several options for waging war on collagen loss and stimulating the production of new collagen. Ultherapy, the latest, is an innovative treatment that utilizes ultrasound technology. It's a non-invasive procedure to lift the skin of the brow, neck and under the chin (jowls). Ultherapy delivers focused energy pulses deep below the skin's surface stimulating production of new collagen.

This results in skin tightening for a firmer, more youthful look. Ultherapy is a one-time treatment with no down time and results that last up to four years post procedure.
Dermacure is owned and operated by Dr. Craig F. Ingber, board certified head, neck and facial plastic surgeon. Call or come by their office to schedule your free consultation. 257-8400

Hit a Home Run with an OPI Manicure
OPI and Major League Baseball have teamed up to create colors with big league style! Shades like Short-STOP!, Love Athletes in Cleats, Orange You Going to the Game, Right Off the Bat, 7th Inning Strretch and Girls Love Diamonds help you show off your team pride. Get a custom major-league manicure at Nail Garden. 253-9700

Toning & Tightening Lose Skin
Diet and traditional exercise don't usually lead to tighter skin. In fact, lose enough weight and you might find yourself with sagging skin that makes you wonder if all the work was worth it! ForeverSlim uses electronic pulses to give hard-to-tone spots a real workout while you relax comfortably. The pain-free process reaches deep into the core of your muscles, making them retract and tighten over time in a way that a thousand crunches never could! You'll see an improvement in cellulite, back-fat bulges and underarm sagginess, lower-tummy "mushiness," inner thigh protrusion and more. In as little as eight treatments, you'll also see a drop in a pant size. It works! Learn more at 313-4878

Fighting Age Spots
Age spots are flat, grey or black spots on the skin. They are caused by skin aging, sun exposure or other forms of ultraviolet light exposure, such as tanning beds. You are more likely to develop age spots if you have light-colored or fair skin and/or have a history of frequent or intense sun exposure or sunburn.

Sofya's European Skin Care offers a variety of treatments for specific kinds of discoloration and hyper pigmentation. They also carry a product called The Skin Lightener Balancing Cream. It's a hydroquinone-free product that utilizes the performance ingredient Arbutin to assist in balancing pigment and calming the skin. Arbutin is a natural plant extract that is safe and effective. It also helps in minimizing age spots. 424-1807

Have your Cake & Great Hair, Too
Garrett Markenson Coiffure's newest hair product smells like a luxe pastry - and what it does to your strands is sweet. Cake, an anti-aging scalp serum, contains Swiss apple stem cells, a super ingredient that stimulates significant cell growth in the scalp. The result is a healthier, more hydrated head of hair that's thicker, smoother and a lot less oily. Massage Cake into your damp scalp, then notice how much less hair you lose during brushing. Over time, your strands will be stronger and shiner. 297-2900
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