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March, 2022 - Issue #208
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The Solution for Tightening Lax Skin
Thermage FLX for the Neck, Tummy & More

Looking for a treatment that provides noticeable tightening around the neck, tummy, knees, arms, legs, tush or orbital region of the eyes and face - with results that last years?
Thermage FLX is a skin-tightening device that uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen production. Typically a one-time procedure, patients can re-treat for optimal improvement, especially those with greater laxity.
The RF energy heats the deeper layer of the skin which contracts collagen and tightens the skin. The upper epidermis is protected; this procedure can be used in all skin types.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

We Tried It!
The "Deadline" Mask my Teenagers Steal

by Therese Edwards
A few years ago, after a particularly haggering print deadline, I decided I would intentionally incorporate some simple self care into my busiest week of the month so that at the end, I felt - and looked - more refreshed and less stressed.
The most consistent of these tasks: a Mud Puddle Mud Mask. Whipping up in just seconds with the addition of a tablespoon of water, this gorgeous green mask has been touted as a beauty must in Europe since 1890 - and with good reason. Harvested in Hungary, it's 60 percent silica, a major building block of collagen, and is rich with iron, magnesium and potassium, too. It slides on smooth and, with a pH of 6.3 to 6.5, is gentle on my 43-year-old skin. But don't confuse "gentle" for "ineffective." I use this mask all month long as a spot treatment for mask-ne and my teens frequently borrow it to knock pimples and greasy skin out with a single application. It's touted as the best cure for ingrown hairs and many people use it in their bath for a head-to-toe skincare treat.
I'm a loyal Mud Puddle masker because it tackles multiple issues all at once - in 20 minutes, my breakouts are tamed, my skin is bouncier, my complexion is glowing, pores are noticeably smaller and I'm more confident without makeup.
My favorite mud slinger is Angela Lark, owner of The Sweetest Skin Co. in Newhall. She's been named "Best Esthetician" in the SCV for years - when she recommended Mud Puddle to me, it was a no-brainer. Buy your Mud Puddle locally from TSSC and let me know what you think!
The Sweetest Skin Co. 476-5775
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