Beauty Bites
September, 2022 - Issue #213
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Cheeks Up with Silhouette Instalift
Had your fill of fillers? Not ready to go under the knife? Then it's time to look at Silhouette Instalift. InstaLift is an innovative, non-surgical treatment that uses Micro-Suspension Technology to help you achieve the look you want. The in-office procedure immediately lifts your mid-facial skin, including sagging cheeks, jowls and deeper nasolabial folds. Patients also experience a boost in volume - the treatment activates your natural collagen production over time.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

Smile Confidently with Dentures & Implants
Not sure an off-site lab is the right place to have your dentures made? Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry offers a more-custom experience with an in-house lab tech who builds your dentures with you, ensuring a comfortable and natural feel. Schedule a free denture or fixed-implants supported prosthetics consultation and find out how, in conjunction with SCAD's in-house oral surgeon, you can avoid having to go to multiple offices for one treatment plan.
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry 259-4474

The Sweet Benefits to Sugar Hair Removal
If you've ever had a "waxident" - painful lifting of live skin cells, rash, ingrowns or angry/red skin after a waxing appointment - you might think that razors or expensive lasers were your only other options for smooth, hair-free skin. Nope! Sugar hair removal - with a sugar paste made only of sugar, water and lemon juice - is your sweet solution! Sugar paste only adheres to dead skin cells and is calming and nourishing to even your most delicate face and intimate skin.
At The Sweetest Skin Co., Owner Angela Lark - a nationally-recognized sugaring educator - has trained her sugarists to treat clients to a sugar sesh that's fast, often painless, perfect for every skin and hair type... and addictive! As they say at TSSC: "Once you've had sugar, you never go back!" The locally-owned company has again been named "Best Hair Removal" and is the place to go for hair removal that's sweet from your head to your feet.
The Sweetest Skin Co. 476-5775

Varicose Veins & Pregnancy
There are many risk factors for varicose veins - and one of them is pregnancy. Women undergo significant physiological changes with pregnancy. Increased blood volume and hormonal changes cause the veins to dilate. In addition, a gravid uterus exerts downward pressure on the leg veins. Many women can develop bulging varicose veins during this time. Fortunately, these may regress once the baby is delivered. However, in some women, they may remain and can even worsen with subsequent pregnancies. This may cause leg pain, aching, cramping, fatigue and restless legs. Fortunately, the treatment for varicose veins is very effective and minimally invasive.
Harvard- and Stanford-trained double-board-certified surgeon Dr. Larisse Lee focuses on the most up to date techniques to get the results you want. Her state-of-the-art facility offers minimally-invasive procedures with exceptional results. LA Vein Center 818-325-0400
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