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Invest in the Best Commodity: YOU
November, 2008 - Issue #49
Despite current downturns and shakeups, the world continues on its axis and each of us must make whatever changes are individually necessary to get through this transitional period. That shouldn't include neglecting oneself, however.

Whether you're on Wall Street or Main Street, one of the best long-term investments you will ever make is helping yourself look and feel better. We asked local experts to tell us about an exceptional service or product that users consider well worth the cash. Here are their answers.

The Skin You're In

Queen on a Budget
Jamie Getskow of Della Stella Salon & Spa in Valencia says the salon's Galaxy Queen Package is "pampering priced right." "Affordably priced at $140, it includes three five-star services from the staff at Della Stella," she said, noting the "royal treatment" package includes: YonKa European facial, a half-hour Swedish massage, then a relaxing shampoo, blow dry or hand and foot paraffin. "The investment in yourself will pay off before you walk out the door," Getskow said, adding, "Make the time to treat yourself!"
Della Stella Salon & Spa 259-9115

Go for a Mini
Rosemary Murphy of Beyond Harmony Med Spa in Canyon Country says "mini treatments" at her spa target specific areas of concern and are great for people on budgets or with time constraints. She described several: "Flash Exfoliation" helps firm, tone and brighten the skin; "Eye Rescue" rejuvenates and firms dull, tired eyes, and "Lip Renewal" conditions and creates fuller, plumper lips. "Combined with good home care, you can maintain a quality spa regimen, and these treatments cost only $30, or $25 when added to any facial or other spa treatment," she added.
Beyond Harmony Med Spa 298-8008

Two Months to a Younger You
Dr. Van Veloso of Infinity MedSpa recommends Laser 360 treatments, hailing them as "an innovative approach combining various leading-edge laser therapies for improving skin health and appearance for both men and women of all ages and skin types." The treatments, which address many different skin concerns, can be done on the face, neck, chest, upper arms, hands, and back. "Our most important goal in slowing the 'aging train' is increasing collagen and elastin production," the doctor said. "The Laser 360 Revolution will turn your skin around in 60 days."
Infinity Med Spa 259-8100

Plump your Skin with Pumpkin
Serenity Canyon Day Spa's Lynda Brierly says their Eminence Yam & Pumpkin Pro Enzyme Peel is a must-have procedure. "It's highly active, refining and collagen boosting," Brierly said. "Your skin is refined and smoothed, and hyper-pigmentation is reduced. Collagen formation is boosted and your skin is firmed and plumped, wrinkle depth is reduced and fine lines are faded." She adds: "You can see results after just one treatment but for the best results, a series of four weekly treatments are best."
Serenity Canyon Day Spa 250-7551

Feed your Skin Organically
"Our skin is the largest organ in our body - invest in it now, and it will pay great dividends later," says Sophia Kupis of Le Beau Organic Day Spa. "Invest in organic products - because what goes on your skin goes to your bloodstream." She suggests the Pinacle Detox. This 80 minute treatment helps your body balance its ph factor and increase circulation by eliminating toxins using an Aguavida process, it's followed by a lymphatic drainage massage and finished with a relaxing, detoxifying ionic body wrap - for only $150.
Le Beau Organic Day Spa 323-388-9668

"Haute" Hair

Conditioning that goes Off the
Deep End

Stunning hair speaks "volumes," and protein-packed L'Oreal Power Doses definitely help hair become healthier and more beautiful, said Jennifer Hasper of Beyond the Fringe, a "L'Oreal Professionnel Elite" salon in Newhall. "A Power Dose is a $20 investment that reaps benefits by retaining hair color longer and repairing hair after a chemical service, such as highlights or relaxers," Hasper said, adding, "Deep conditioning treatments like Power Doses last four to five weeks, and nourish, condition and repair the hair."
Beyond the Fringe Salon 259-1982

Color with a Pro
Ask Michael Beck, owner of Entourage Hair Studio in Valencia, and he'll eagerly tell you: "Professional hair color is well worth the investment." "Don't spend $10 on a box of hair color and do it yourself. The color is not the same quality that the professionals use at a salon," Beck cautions, adding ,"Not only do you compromise the integrity of your hair, but it is also very costly to then go to a salon and have them undo or redo any mistakes you have done."
Entourage Hair Studio 222-7446

Borrow Products from Italian Beauties
Owner Garrett Markenson of Garrett Markenson Coiffure recommends Davines, an exclusive Italian hair care product line that is carried at his new salon. Davines produces the highest-quality professional cosmetic products for hairstyling salons and esthetic centers - developed from a philosophy of "taking nature and tradition as a source of inspiration." "Davines' mission statement is all about sustainable beauty," Markenson said, adding that the objective is congruent with his own goal of using wholesome, original products to promote gorgeous, brilliant hair.
Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900

Extend your Hair, Grow your Happiness
Stacy Ritter of Hair by Stacy knows that longer, sexier hair makes a woman feel exceptional. Specializing in long hair and Dream Catchers hair extensions, Ritter says she enjoys helping clients feel more positive about their looks. She adds that Dream Catchers enable that self-image enhancement, turning fine, lifeless or short/damaged hair into long, beautiful tresses.
Hair by Stacy 547-0282

Winterize your Strands
Lola Piraino of Studio Luxe Salon recommends monthly deep-conditioning hair treatments, especially with winter coming. Specializing in hair and eyelash extensions, Piraino says many excellent reconstructors are available, including those supplemented with at-home treatments. "With all the coloring, flat ironing, curling, etc., the least we can do is replace some of the moisture lost in those processes. The hair is more pliable, shiny and manageable, which leads to longer-lasting blowouts, and when your hair is healthier the focus is more on its luster and bounciness," Piraino said.
Studio Luxe Private Studio Salon 702-1708

Hair Rules
In search of the perfect 'do? Shannon Hair wants to do it for you. Experiencing hair artistry through academy-trained stylists is what makes this salon a cut above many others. Owner Shannon Rha invites readers to discover that crowning achievement. "Here, hair rules," Rha says, noting there is no spa on site, just unique cuts and styling techniques, and much more. "At our salon, cuts, color, highlights, extensions, perms, relaxers, Japanese straightening and exquisite conditioning treatments are all orchestrated by a tight-knit group of hand-selected, friendly professionals."
Shannon Hair 799-7272

More Hair that's your Hair
Hair loss and/or thinning hair affects both men and women and is something that Rhonda Pieracci knows a great deal about. Through her Hair Loss Treatment Center in Valencia, Pieracci helps people get to the "root" of their hair loss problem, and realize hair re-growth through various treatments, including laser. "While some people are not bothered by this condition, there are many others who feel that it hinders their self confidence, and thereby their quality of life," Pieracci said, adding, "The most amazing thing is being able to stop someone from losing their hair and give them a 94-percent chance to re-grow their own hair."
Hair Loss Treatment Center 294-6880

Take a Tip from Nature
Adriana O'Dell, owner of Adriana's Salon, suggests that you protect your color and highlights using organic hair products by Aveda. "Invest" the money in the following products to help keep the healthy shine to your hair naturally. Aveda Smooth Infusion style prep smoother is a pre-style treatment before blow-drying and adding heat to your hair. Aveda AirControl Hair Spray is an environmentally-friendly spray that creates a light, workable hold with natural pine and certified organic flax seed. Aveda Light Elements smoothing fluid helps protect the shine of your hair.
Adriana's Salon 257-0017

Smile Worthy

Wear White after Labor Day
Dr. Gina Dorfman of Dentistry for Kids & Adults says getting a bright smile can be as easy as counting to 60 (minutes that is). "The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System provides a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure that is safe, effective and fast - very fast. In just over an hour your teeth will be dramatically whiter," the dentist said, adding, "Teeth typically become at least six to ten shades whiter, sometimes more. A five-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure."
Dentistry for Kids & Adults Valencia
513-9393 and Canyon Country 299-2525

Make your Smile a Crowning Glory
Want to say goodbye to silver fillings and discolored teeth? Quality dental crowns can make a dramatic difference in that quest, says Dr. Mehran Abbassian, whose Valencia practice offers Cerec 3D crowns. Available in one office visit, Cerec 3D crowns are fabricated through a computerized milling machine, and take under an hour to create. "The restoration is natural looking, compatible with mouth tissue, anti-abrasive and plaque resistant. There is no need for temporaries or impressions that must be sent to a lab," Abbassian added.
Mehran A. Abbassian, D.D.S. 259-9100

A Beautiful, Healthy Mouth
Dr. Bobby Irani of Valencia Dental Arts believes a beautiful smile is a priceless investment. "Your smile says a lot before you even say a word," said the dentist, who is trained in esthetic dental arts and advanced bonding and ceramics. Whether you have crooked or stained teeth, old fillings, missing teeth, need cosmetic gum surgery, a root canal, dental implants - or you have a decent smile but always dreamed of having a more spectacular one - Dr. Irani recommends beginning your new dental "you" today. "We offer trustworthy, meticulous, and knowledgeable care," Irani added.
Valencia Dental Arts 799-9989

Health & Wellbeing

The Gift of Great Gams
No matter how lovely the shape of your legs, embarrassing spider veins or painful varicosities can ruin the picture. Vascular surgeon Dr. Anthony D. Panasci offers some tried and true problem-solvers. Panasci - whose vascular expertise includes treating varicose vein disease - says sclerotherapy dissolves spiders nicely. "Good sclerotherapy is an art which is only mastered by a doctor with many years of experience," the veteran doctor said, adding, "Successful treatment of varicose veins may include sclerotherapy, surgery utilizing
micro-incisions, and laser." It can also help legs feel lighter and stronger.
Dr. Anthony D. Panasci 254-0720

Got Extra Padding?
To aid in melting flab away, Karen Maleck-Whiteley of Balance Point Spa in Canyon Country recommends the M'Lis Body Wrap Series. According to Maleck-Whiteley, this offers "a natural body wrap that helps eliminate cellulite and promises you a loss of four to 14 inches in one treatment." She also suggests the Transitions Weight Loss Lifestyle Program. "For a minimal investment of $240, you get an amazing ROI. Your investment pays off with plenty of real food to eat, learning to eat for the rest of your life, and understanding how foods work to help you lose and maintain your weight loss and your health," Maleck-Whiteley said.
Balance Point Spa 252-0650

Ditch the Drugs
Feeling good on the inside often translates to looking better on the outside - and feeling happier, too. Dr. Jeff David Bowne of Bowne Chiropractic & Valencia Medical Group strives to help people find this healthy equilibrium through chiropractic by identifying their physical and structural limitations and helping correct them through manual medicine and rehabilitation. "We offer a drug-free solution: safe, gentle and specific chiropractic spinal adjustments and care," Bowne said, adding, "We design individual care plans, and allow you to make an informed decision regarding the health of you and your family!"
Bowne Chiropractic 288-2321

Professional Help from Head to Toe
Shelley Winsor, a personal stylist/image consultant, believes first impressions count big-time. Therefore, being nicely dressed and groomed is mandatory! "We judge each other within the first three seconds upon meeting. How we are dressed and groomed is evaluated by everyone we come into contact with throughout our day...everyday!" Winsor said. Winsor's professional expertise lies in helping others look their best from head-to-toe. That assistance includes making clothing choices that project the image you want others to see, cleansing closets of outdated or unflattering clothes, select shopping, and much more.
Shelley Winsor 818-470-0444
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