Collaborating for a More Youthful You
December, 2020 - Issue #195
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

The Best in Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics are on your Team
What happens when you combine the award-winning skills of an Ivy-league educated, board-certified plastic surgeon with a board-certified aesthetic physician's assistant who have over eight years of working-together experience?
Anti-aging magic, that's what.
Dr. Justin Heller and Mandi Jameson, PA, have worked together for years - and their collaboration is leading to beautiful results for their clients.
"By being able to offer the continuity of care within our office, we can consult with each other on preferred treatments that can be precisely customized to our individual patient's goals," explains Dr. Heller, of Heller Plastic Surgery.
It's about choosing the right treatment for the right person. "We work together to achieve the best outcomes for our patients," says Jameson. "For example: A patient made an appointment with me, hoping that injections under the eye would improve the look of hollowness that comes with age and genetics. That's a common treatment modality for that complaint, but if the skin has too much laxity, injections can actually make it look worse. In this case, I referred her to Dr. Heller, who, with a simple in-office eye lift, instantly brightened the look of her eye overall. Now that excess skin and fat had been removed, I was able to strategically utilize a filler to lift her cheeks completing a natural youthful look. Our client looks remarkably younger, healthier and more well rested - because we did the right treatments in the right order."
With so many "team" treatments under their shared belt, there's a feeling of mutual respect between the two experts. "Mandi is so well versed with the different aesthetic options and combinations. She knows how to achieve maximum results - and she does it with a very client-centered approach that is so customized to the individual patient. Everyone loves her - and how their skin looks and feels after her treatments," says Dr. Heller.
"When you're working with a perfectionist like Dr. Heller, you know you have to be at your best every day. His surgical results are so exquisite - he's truly an artist. My skin polishing procedures are the icing on the cake - that final touch that makes our clients feel their absolute best," explains Jameson.
A Case Study in Collaboration
Recently, a woman in her late 50s had a face and neck lift performed by Dr. Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery. "By engaging and lifting the delicate supportive tissues beneath the skin, and not just the skin itself, we're able to achieve very natural-looking results. Patients still look exactly like themselves - just noticeably younger," says the specialist. "Many patients report that they rate their post-surgical looks as 15 years younger than their real age."
"We're seeing a BIG JUMP in facial procedures. People want to look their best on Zoom calls - and recoveries are easier than ever when you're working from home."
Dr. Justin Heller, owner of Heller Plastic Surgery
After the procedure, the patient was connected to Mandi Jameson, PA, of SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery. "My post-surgical treatments speed the healing process, eliminating any mild scarring - but also address brown spots, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles." By putting today's best modalities to work, ranging from premium lasers to perfectly-placed injections, Jameson revitalizes the skin, adding a youthful glow and smoothing the texture.
"After our patient's surgery and in-office SKIN treatments, she reported that she believed she looked 20 years younger. She also eagerly shared that friends and family agreed," says Dr. Heller.
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