From 'Botched' to Beautiful
Looking Young & Feeling Great Eight Surgeries Later
March, 2021 - Issue #197
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

"In 10 years, I've had eight surgeries on my bladder - seven of them were to fix the first," says Deborah. "I was feeling down, not feeling myself. I decided it was time to invest in my looks - give me a lift, you know? That's when I scheduled a brow and eye lift with what review sites said was the best plastic surgeon in my area."
Already surgery shy, the procedure could not have gone worse. "I was deeply bruised, it took forever to recover... and I looked exactly the same when I was finally healed," says the 70 year old. "It was absolutely demoralizing."
A dear friend encouraged her to try again - but this time, with Dr. Justin Heller, owner of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia. "Dr. Heller's office is quite a distance from me, but I was willing to drive anywhere for the best after my last awful experience. I have never researched anything more in my life - and I was a teacher for decades! Dr. Heller's Ivy-league education, his hundreds of five-star reviews, his before-and-after pictures... they all convinced me to schedule a consultation with him," says the Bakersfield resident.
But Deborah was still unconvinced - until she met the board-certified plastic surgeon. "He instantly put me at ease. He has a warm bedside manner and he really listens. There was no pressure or expectation. I trusted him immediately. What struck me the most was when he began drawing on my face and explaining the choices he'd make. It was like watching an artist work. I knew he'd be able to help me achieve my desires."
What Deborah wanted: "A total overhaul - a full face and neck lift," says the former educator. "I had it all! Upper and lower eyes, a deactivation of my '11' lines between my brows, fat transfer from my belly to my cheeks. I had incisions on top of my head, behind my ears and under my hairline on the back of my neck."
The procedure was done in Dr. Heller's premier surgical center. "It could not have gone better," recalls Deborah. "I went home with a nurse for the first 24 hours who took amazing care of me. I was shocked by the lack of pain! My recovery was a breeze, which is not what I was expecting. I had a lot done! I totally attribute my success to Dr. Heller's expertise. His work is as minimally invasive as possible and he considers every tiny detail. That made a huge difference."
So did Deborah's procedures. "When Dr. Heller removed my bandages that first time, I caught a glimpse of my results. I had a jaw line and a slender neck for the first time in decades! Now, just seven weeks out from surgery, my entire life has changed - and that's not an exaggeration. I feel like I have me back. Every time I look in the mirror, which is a lot now, I get giddy and excited about my future."
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