Hair Loss is Now your Gain
Better, Thicker Hair without Incisions
August, 2019 - Issue #179
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courtesy of Shutterstock
What's worse than losing your hair? Feeling that doll-like, unnatural "hair plugs" and incredibly costly, painful procedures are your only alternative.

"Old methods used to improve hair loss required an incision on the back of the head. Small grafts would be made and then implanted. It was painful, the results weren't very natural looking and recovery was much more difficult," says Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery.

"Today, this process can be done without a single incision," says the board-certified specialist.

"There's no major healing needed at the point of extraction and the look is flawlessly natural. Individual hairs are implanted, one by one, with a graft vacuum system that removes, then deposits, the follicles beautifully. Healing is done in only two or three days. That's all it takes for grafts to 'take!' The best part though: It's painless!"

"Hair volume loss and receding hairlines no longer have to be a 'right of passage' for middle age. We now can naturally restore hairlines, giving the look of a LUSH, FULL HEAD OF HAIR. Our specialized treatments encourage hair growth and re-growth all over the scalp, leaving patients with the thickest, healthiest hair of their lives."
Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery
It's all thanks to the newest technology, only available in Santa Clarita at Heller Plastic Surgery. "What's so distinctive about our method is how we combine the follicular unit extraction (FUE) with platelet-rich plasma, proven medication, supplements and laser treatments. By not just transplanting hair, but encouraging thicker, healthier growth and new hair development, too, patients are achieving the hair of their dreams," says the celebrated plastic surgeon.

Because of Dr. Heller's wide reputation for aesthetic excellence, patients are coming over the hill into our community for this innovative treatment. "There's real excitement out there," shares the owner of Heller Plastic Surgery. "People who've suffered from embarrassment or frustration because of hair loss can now implant real hair-bearing tissue into eyebrows, scar lines, the beard area and more. Male-pattern baldness issues can be alleviated without the harsh look of hair plugs. Hair lines can now look lush and natural!"
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Four-pronged Treatment for New Hair Growth a Miracle for Hairloss Sufferers
Medication & Vitamins Topical and oral medications and supplements proven to regrow and strengthen hair are used in conjunction with specialized modalities to improve outcomes for the thickest, most luxurious hair possible.
Laser Treatment "Our patients' own hair grows back stronger and up to 50-percent thicker with our specialized lasers," says Dr. Heller.
Platelet Rich Plasma Injections PRP injections use your own stem cells to encourage regeneration at the root, nourishing your scalp with what it needs to regrow your own hair.
Follicular Unit Extraction This brand-new treatment is only available locally at Heller Plastic Surgery and provides patients with an incision- and pain-free way to harvest and implant up to 3,000 individual hairs per session.
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

No more Needles
Real-hair Transplants Replace Microneedling for Eyebrows
Until recently, microneedling - a technique for tattooing eyebrows to make them look more prominent - was the only way to permanently mask the appearance of sparse brow hair. "While microneedling, also known as permanent makeup, has its place, our clients are looking for the younger, more-natural look that can only be achieved with real hair," says Dr. Heller. "Patients have been thrilled with the way their own hair has totally changed the shape, length and fullness of their brows." Using the newest FUE methods, Heller Plastic Surgery patients leave the office with better brows - and very little recovery time.
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