Hello, Sunshine
June, 2017 - Issue #153

Oclipse Sunscreen+Primer

A medical-office favorite: the Oclipse Sunscreen+Primer by ZO Skin Health Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It provides full-spectrum UVA/UVB defense as well as natural melanin that shields the skin from the aging effects of high-energy visible light (HEV). It also has an incredibly-silky texture that masks large pores and fine lines, leading to a flawless makeup application. Since it's tinted, it can be worn in place of makeup, too.

Fraxel Dual Laser

Need a quick fix for sun damage before an event? The Fraxel Dual laser is a perfect one-treatment option. This treatment can be performed as soon as two weeks before an event. Down time is minimal and the treatment is virtually painless. Years of sun damage is reversed in just one treatment!
Available at DermaCure Medical Aesthetics. 257-8400

Total Defense & Repair Sunscreen

This truly all-in-one sunscreen protects against UVB, UVA and harmful infrared-A; reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles; prevents the appearance of premature aging; helps minimize brown spots and comes in three varieties- a beautiful tint, an un-tinted formula and a water-resistant formula. All formulations are parabens free, oil-free and fragrance free.

CORE Fractionated Laser

The CORE Fractionated laser works exceptionally on sun-damaged skin. The skin-resurfacing laser is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolorations, brown spots and acne scars, along with tone and texture. This treatment will also produce collagen to create a more youthful appearance and can be performed on the face, neck and chest.
Available at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care. 254-3686

Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen
This incredible broad spectrum sunscreen not only protects you from UVA and UVB rays - it also counteracts IR-generated free radicals that accelerate the aging process. The fancy formula contains powerful antioxidants and moisturizes, too - all while the slightly-tinted formula melts into your skin for a dewy, deeply-hydrated look. This sunscreen is also great when used as a primer under foundation. This coveted line is available exclusively in the SCV at YOUnique!

Pearl Laser

The Pearl laser treats the top layer of the skin, removing sun damage, improving texture and banishing fine lines. The deeper layers of the skin are heated to create collagen growth, too. There's minimal downtime and results are noticeable within three to four days. When peeling has subsided, the Pearl will reveal fresh, bright and healthy skin.
Available at YOUnique Surgery Center & Medical Spa 388-0040

Sun Bum SPF 30 Original Sunscreen Lotion &
Beach Formula 3 in 1 Leave In

Protect your skin and strands while adding beautiful bounce and texture with this authentic line inspired by the beaches of Cali and Florida.
'N Style Salon 254-4841

MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist

Described by Nylon as "volumizing hair perfume," MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist is a sea-salt mist that also volumizes, giving you beachy texture and a bold boost to wimpy strands. Inspired by Reverie founder Garrett Markenson's time in Italy, MARE is filled with good-for-you ingredients like rice seed and algae extract, along with essential oils like sandalwood, lemon and black pepper.
Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900
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