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Find a World-renowned Vein Specialist
September, 2019 - Issue #180

San Diego. Bakersfield. San Francisco. Las Vegas.
No, it's not a travel itinerary - it's an incomplete list of home cities for patients - many of them doctors and medical professionals - of LA Vein Center.

"On any given day, our waiting room will be filled with patients from all over Southern California and beyond," says Luis, practice manager for the Sherman Oaks facility. "When you're dealing with one of the smallest anatomical structures - veins - precision and expertise really matter. That's why people travel to us - not because the same services aren't available to them locally, but because one of the world's foremost specialists is here."

He's referring, of course, to the founder of LA Vein Center - Dr. Larisse Lee, the board-certified vascular surgeon who has made a name for herself by taking on tough cases with celebratory results.

Before establishing her practice in Sherman Oaks, Dr. Lee trained at Stanford University, Massachusetts General Hospital, a leading Harvard hospital and Cornell-Columbia Presbyterian Hospitals in New York City. Her background is near peer-less; what she's done and where she's worked is jaw dropping. Still: "She's known for being incredibly patient, humble and kind. She doesn't rush you and answers patients' questions like they're family. She has created a philosophy of care in our office that is respectful of our patients' time, pain, desires and needs. It all starts with her; patients tell us that she's intuitive, sensitive and warm. The whole staff follows her lead," says Luis.

"My priorities are patient education, experience and outcomes," says Dr. Lee. "As a surgeon, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that our patients feel fully informed and confident about their treatment plan - then thrilled by their results. We don't settle for anything less!"

New Developments in Varicose & Spider Vein Treatment
Venous disease is very common - and, unfortunately, so are sub-par treatments for it. "Aging, genetics, multiple pregnancies... there are many contributing factors to whether or not you'll have spider or varicose veins," says Dr. Lee. "But no matter the cause, the treatment can be very minimally invasive, reducing chance of infections and recovery time." Unlike some other practitioners who strip veins, Dr. Lee uses radio-frequency ablation - heat! - to reroute and seal incompetent veins. The method requires incredible skill and accuracy to avoid disrupting healthy tissue and vein structures, which is why Dr. Lee is such a sought-after specialist. "The procedures are usually fast and painless - and done in office. After as few as a couple of days, most patients can continue with their normal schedules, living a happier, healthier, more confident life," explains Dr. Lee.
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