Mom of Two Adult Kids Finally Fixes Bothersome
July, 2018 - Issue #166
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Most moms will quickly tell you that giving birth can be a highlight of a woman's life; what they might not mention is how carrying another person for nine months can have a lasting impact on their body in ways that make them feel "less" ... forever.

"We want everyone to feel fantastic in their body, no matter its shape, age or size - and we don't believe anyone 'needs' elective plastic surgery," says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Heller, owner of Heller Plastic Surgery. "But what we have to acknowledge is that, for many women and men, that's just not a reality. Society, personal preferences, re-entering the dating world - there are a million reasons someone decides that they'll feel better in their body after a surgical procedure. Then it's our job to help them choose the least invasive, most natural looking options that achieve their goals so that they feel confident and happy in the body they're in."

That's the experience of Valencia business owner Sydney, 51, who was considering a surgical procedure to boost her confidence and reached out to someone she trusted for a referral. "A friend of mine, who's a well-respected doctor, told me to go to Dr. Justin Heller. With that kind of recommendation, I knew he had to be great - and all the research I did supported what I had heard."

The suggestion brought Sydney in for a consult. "I'm a tiny woman, but after having two c-sections, there was nothing I could do to alter the loose skin and scarring. My tummy was flat, and I exercise a lot, but I hated my skin on my stomach. Hated it! Dr. Heller performed a mini-tummy tuck and made it really pretty! I feel much more confident."

Years later, Sydney opted for another procedure from Dr. Heller. "I had implants before I met him that I wasn't happy with and after my tummy treatment, I knew he was the one who could make them better! He's just so knowledgeable and up to date with everything. He's not set in his ways and he's aware of and implementing the newest technology. I now have Gummy Bear silicone implants that look very natural and flattering to my shape," says Sydney.
"My first procedure with Dr. Heller was four or five years ago - and I still LOVE IT! Everything he said was correct; the results are perfect. I'm so happy I did it! I would recommend him and his team to everyone; they are amazing!"
Sydney, 51, of Valencia

"Again and again and again, I keep going back to Heller Plastic Surgery - because I trust Dr. Heller to surround himself with the very best people, and he does!," says the mom to two adult children. "Dr. Heller is very engaging, takes his time and is by far the best at what he does - and the same can be said of his staff and his SKIN professionals. It's the dream team!," says Sydney.

"Trisha Cooper, RN of SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery is amazing; she's done my fillers, lips, Sculptra, Botox... she's done it all. Paula Honey, SKIN's Manager, is excellent! She's always checking up on me, making scheduling a breeze, keeping me updated. Just like Dr. Heller, you can trust what they say and what they do; he picks people just like him!"
SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building in Valencia. 661-433-3550
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