Mom to Sick Child gets a Much-deserved Lift
June, 2018 - Issue #165
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

"Dr. Heller takes everything you say to heart; you can see it in his eyes. He has the best personality - and he doesn't push anything. He'll talk to you about what's truly in your best interest based on the results you want while always making it clear that the final decision is yours. He is SO HONEST and kind and his staff is amazing."
Cara of Valencia
"My son is very sick," shares Cara of Valencia. "I cry - a lot. I rub my eyes. I developed red circles under my eyes that wouldn't go away; they were nearly impossible to cover with makeup. His illness will be fatal if we can't find a cure and it seemed almost selfish to even think about how I look through all of this, but he needs me to feel as good as possible so I can help him feel as good as possible. That's why I went to SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery," says the SCV mom.

"I tried fillers with other doctors - but they didn't work," explains Cara. "My cheeks were already full, and I had made a dip in my cheekbone from rubbing so much that it almost became like a bag. Totally randomly, six people in my life over the last year showed me their before-and-after pictures from their surgeries with Dr. Heller; I was sold! I made an appointment and told him my complaints. My upper lid was sagging over my lower; my eyebrows had drooped significantly from all the tugging. I looked as tired and emotionally worn out as I felt. Still, I didn't want something extreme like a traditional lift. He explained that he could do what he calls a ponytail lift, that would both lift my brows as well as the eyelids, without looking tight or unnatural. He squeezed me into his schedule; the procedure was so simple! Recoup was very minimal - I had a tiny bit of bruising but those were easily covered with makeup. You can't see any scarring. He did an amazing job," says Cara.

After her surgery, Cara continued to seek treatments from the newest service available in board-certified surgeon Dr. Justin Heller's office - SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery. "They are the dream team! Ask anyone!," says Cara. "These people working together is the best thing that ever happened to my face and body. Trisha, an RN who everyone in town swears by, does my lip filler and Botox. Both look super natural; I just want to get rid of the tiny lines on my lips, not look fake, and she achieves it perfectly, every time. Kim, a medical esthetician, does my microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, peels and facials. I was so wow'ed by my results that I suggested her to one of my best friends, who struggles with awful cystic acne. She's tried everything - prescriptions, every diet change and facial under the sun. Nothing worked until she went to Kim! Her skin is now baby soft and entirely clear! She went from depressed and crying to being so excited because Kim literally cured her in eight weeks. I'm not kidding when I say this team is made of miracle workers!"
SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building in Valencia. 661-433-3550
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