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"In 2011, we're going to use our FAVORITE TOOLS religiously, even if they are in the shower when we're at the sink."
Tidbits of Beauty Tips just for you...
Maybe a Euro-punk salon is totally you. And, just maybe, it isn't. (No offense, Euro-punks!). Which is why we've created this guide - to save you from (or deliver you to) hot-pink highlights. Just think of us as your personal beauty matchmaker. (Because isn't finding the right stylist or esthetician just as important as finding the right spouse?)
From Party-perfect Treatments you NEED to know to the Timeline that will have you Turning Heads in no time at all - We have your go-to guide for looking your best this season!
Despite current downturns and shakeups, the world continues on its axis and each of us must make whatever changes are individually necessary to get through this transitional period. That shouldn't include neglecting oneself, however.

Whether you're on Wall Street or Main Street, one of the best long-term investments you will ever make is helping yourself look and feel better. We asked local experts to tell us about an exceptional service or product that users consider well worth the cash. Here are their answers.
When a bride walks down the aisle, her thoughts should blissfully focus on her beloved spouse-to-be - not her legs, or bosom, or makeup, or hair, or how her skin or teeth will appear in the wedding photographs.
A wide assortment of aesthetic treatments are available that can help any bride look and feel spectacular. And for those who are feeling the economic crunch (who isn't?), many of these procedures are wallet-friendly.
Eventually, it happens to everyone: Time, genes, and gravity have their say. One day, our faces are young and firm. The next, not so much.
Included in those eventual changes are wrinkles, sagging, expression marks - and jowls! Found along the bottom part of the face and jaw line, jowls are a fullness or looseness that definitely suggest the aging process is on board.
The human eye is truly amazing.

Our organs of sight, eyes allow us to visually integrate with, and experience, the world around us.

The eye is also one of our most appealing facial features. Studies have shown that on first impressions, people are most often drawn to faces with attractive, expressive eyes.

Even more precious than gorgeous eyes, however, is the gift of excellent vision. But not every person is blessed with such precise ocular acuity.
Sun-damaged skin is so out of style. Beat the heat with state-of-the-art sunscreens and luxe repair serums that do more than prevent burns and crows' feet. These multi-taskers treat and protect, too.
Arm yourself with the following beauty and wellness products and you'll be fully prepared for SCV summer combat. These are summer must-haves from Della Stella Salon and Spa, Senna Cosmetics, Enchanted Tan & Skin Care, Spa Villa, Saje Natural Wellness, Citron Day Spa, Beyond Harmony, Cosmetic Concepts, Beyond The Fringe and Slender Lady.
Think about your summer makeup look the same way swimsuit models choose bikinis: when it comes to the heat of the season, less is more. Push your heavy matte powders and lipsticks to the back of your makeup drawer and embrace this never-goes-out-of-style summer mantra: skin is in.
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