Today's Acne Treatments are more Effective than Ever
April, 2015 - Issue #126

For a truly acne-free face, a combination of consistent at-home care and regular professional treatments results in a visage you can be proud of. The top picks for both are clear - and your skin will be, too.

At Home...
ERASE IT Clarifying + Anti-Aging Essentials 4 Step Daily Treatment Kit

This medicated acne program offers added anti-aging ingredients that work day and night to help clarify and beautify acne and acne-prone skin while the latest broad-spectrum antimicrobial enhancers help prevent future breakouts. The kit includes Calming Gel Cleanser, Refining Gel, Oil-Free Hydrator, Tinted Sun Shield SPF 30 and a travel cosmetic bag to keep it all together for $190.

In the Office...

For mild acne scarring, Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care recommends DermaPen micro-needling treatments. DermaPen is a needle delivery system that can be individually targeted to acne scars at different depths. Each needle punctures the skin and breaks down collagen, which results in scar remodeling. This treatment provides a simple, cost-effective method of acne scar revision and can be safely used on all skin types. The results are similar compared to lasers, and cost is kept to a minimum at $350 per treatment.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care

At Home...
MediClear Natural Cleansing Pads

Great for normal to oily skin types but gentle enough for dry and mature skin types, too, MediClear Natural Pads are 100 natural and free of harsh chemicals. They reduce oil and sebum production and are a great addition to your daily routine or as a bi-weekly exfoliator.

At the Salon...
Facial with Cryostem Therapy

Facials for non-inflammatory blemishes can offer several benefits, like stimulating blood flow and encouraging cell growth. Many who receive regular facials for treating acne-prone skin notice a decrease in new flare ups, too. A smart add on is Cryostem Therapy, excellent for oily and combination skin types. The perfect solution to acne-prone skin, it balances oil production, diminishes enlarged pores, refines uneven skin texture and helps with acne scarring.
Blo-Out Lounge

At Home...
ZO Severe Acne System & Aknebright

Some of the most impressive medical-grade products to treat acne are from Dr. Obagi's newest skincare line, ZO. The ZO Severe Acne System, along with ZO Aknebright, are powerful products specifically designed to treat inflammatory acne breakouts, reduce oil, exfoliate dead skin cells and vigorously clean congested pores. Bonus: Aknebright reduces discoloration after acne is healed, too.

In the Office...
VI Acne Peel

The VI Acne Peel is amazing! Its targeted solution purifies blemish-prone skin, smoothing scars that acne may leave behind. The potent VI Peel ingredients promote clearer skin in just seven days. For best results, a series of three peels is recommended. Also remarkable: The way the Fraxel 1927 Skin Resurfacing laser treats severe acne scarring. This safe, non-ablative laser fractionally replaces 25 percent of the skin's surface with each treatment, has minimal down time and most patients return to regular routines the next day. For best results, a series of four treatments is recommended.
DermaCure Medical Aesthetics
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