Turn Back the Clock by New Year's
Injectibles, Peels & More are Quick, Affordable Ways to Look your Best, Fast
December, 2011 - Issue #86
Go on, you're amongst friends.

You can tell us. And we won't tell a soul.

You want to look younger. Fresher. Smoother.

We get it. We do, too.

Our reasons may be different, but our end goal is the same. For example, you probably are considering anti-aging treatments because it will help you in your pursuit to cure deadly disease. We, however, want to look younger because it will really annoy the pants off our frenemies/boss/sister-in-law/ex. Oh, and because we'll feel a lot better about ourselves, too.

If you're lacking time, money or the chutzpah for major "beauty renovations," take heart. We spoke to Dr. Andrew T. Cohen, MD, FACS of Beverly Hills Physicians (800-788-1416). There are many less-invasive options available that will have us looking picture perfect before the first holiday toast is uttered.

IN: We're intrigued by injectibles; what types are offered at Beverly Hills Physicians? What makes them different, and what are the advantages of each? How long before the party should we get our treatments so that we look fresh and pretty?
Dr. Cohen: We offer all FDA-approved injectibles to our patients. We frequently use Restylane and Juvederm, which are hyaluronic acids. They help to soften the folds on the face and make you look more youthful. These fillers are also used to give patients the fuller lips they desire. We also use Radiesse, which is made out of what your bones are made of - calcium. It is a very effective filler for the nasolabial folds, also known as "smile lines" or "laugh lines." All these fillers are best used in experienced hands - preferably a board-certified plastic surgeon. All treatments should be done about a week in advance of a party.

IN: What kind of facial services do you offer? What kinds of results can we expect from each, and how long before the party should we get our treatments?

Dr. Cohen:
Our patients love the TCA Peel, which will peel off the top layer of your skin to improve tone, texture and clarity, plus give you a nice glow. Many patients opt for a combination of the peel and microdermabrasion to see even deeper results. These facial services should be done a week and a half before a party.

IN: What other services do you provide that will have us looking our best for less in time for the holidays?

Dr. Cohen:
Botox is our most popular non-surgical treatment, with little to no down time. Results are seen about four days after treatment. This is a great option for a fresh look without needing a lot of time or money.

IN: Ok... it's confession time. "Someone" in our office is really considering plastic surgery. She has said that the best time for her may be during the holidays - when work is slow and her kids are out of school. She's pitching it as a "Christmas gift to herself." How much time does it take, on average, to recuperate from some popular procedures?

Dr. Cohen:
Breast augmentation surgery has a quick recovery period of three to five days. We also do a lot of Mommy Makeovers over Christmas, which combines breast and tummy surgery in one procedure. Recovery time is about two weeks. This is a wonderful Christmas gift to give yourself - just make sure you go to a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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