When Acne Attacks Fight Back
September, 2018 - Issue #168
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When Acne Attacks Fight Back
Acne, whether you're an adult or teen, can be physically painful, emotionally debilitating and a real struggle to manage. What's worse is that, once the cycle of acne dissipates, you can be left with ugly scars and pitted skin - a cruel reminder of what was there before.

There are, however, proven solutions to acne. You or your child don't need to suffer. Lasers, micro-needling, peels, prescription medication and medical-grade skincare have demonstrated phenomenal results in reducing incidences of acne, or curing it altogether.

But what about the scars that have already left their mark?
Right now, one of the most exciting innovations for acne scarring is micro-needling. This treatment stimulates the skin's natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin, reducing years of not only acne scars, but sun damage, too. While you're minimizing discoloration from acne scars, you're also improving uneven skin tone and appearance of wrinkles - because few things feel as unfair as having signs of aging and signs of a rough bout of "teen" acne at the same time!

If you're committed to really undoing acne scarring, amp up your micro-needling treatment with the Vampire Facial. Using your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from a simple blood draw, this treatment drives the isolated growth factors back into your skin where it works to stimulate, tighten and smooth the tone and texture of your face and neck.
These treatments and more are available from Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care. 254-3686

How your Aging Skin can get it's Groove Back
Here's a heartbreaking statistic for the skin-centric among us: Human skin can start the aging process before we're even legally able to drink - when we're 20.

While we're finishing college or getting started on our careers, our skin's already on a downhill spiral of collagen loss - at the rate of about 1 percent a year. Since we need collagen and elastin to keep our skin looking plump and supple, that's less than thrilling news.

Better news is this: We can slow the process with the proper care. The first step is to limit environmental nasties like UV rays, pollution and free radicals that put the process in overdrive. That means using a topical antioxidant serum like CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF by Skinceuticals, as well as a daily sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or higher.

Ready to step up your anti-aging skincare game? It's time to meet Fraxel, a laser treatment that can help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and more. Especially effective on fine lines and wrinkles like crow's feet and brow lines, surface scarring, acne scars, dark-spot pigmentation, sun damage and actinic keratosis (ak) - a pre-cancerous skin condition - Fraxel has a decade of treatments showing that it's proven science that gets real results.

"When Dr. Ingber introduced me to Fraxel eight years ago, I was eager for something that would noticeably improve the texture and appearance of my skin as I aged," says Jeanna Crawford. "It's my go-to laser! My skin at 43 has not a hint of discoloration. It's even and smooth in texture and tone. I get compliments on my skin all the time - and when people ask about the 'one thing' I wouldn't do without, my answer is Fraxel.
It's that good!"
This treatment, and others, is available at DermaCure Medical Aesthetics. 257-8400
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