2012 Bridal Trends
March, 2012 - Issue #89
Popcorn machines, destination weddings, lounge furniture and more are on today's bride's "want" list. What's on yours?

A-1 Event Rentals 775-8111
A-1 Event Rentals 775-8111
The Ultimate in Event Rentals
Rob Cruikshank, owner of A-1 Event Rentals, is a rockstar when it comes to creating custom wedding ambience. (It's true. Wedding bloggers frequently reference his work!). We're big fans of his stunning linens (You must see the three-dimensional, textured fabrics he has. Gorgeous.) - but even we were surprised to find out that he can customize the color of your wedding dance floor. Take a peek, too, at the wide range of one-of-a-kind lounge pieces he has available. "It's in with the old and out with the new," jokes Cruikshank, "We've been custom-making cabanas with the vintage look and have lots of requests for vintage furniture."

Party with Personality
We love going to weddings where there are hints about the couple's pleasures and preferences everywhere you look. We're feeling faint over the too-sweet memories these fun additions conjure up. Choose one - or many! - to keep guests entertained and make your day a real reflection of you.

photography by William Innes 323-639-3686
photography by William Innes 323-639-3686
Add ons that we love...
Portable popcorn machine | Cotton candy maker
Snowcone maker | Dunk tank | Casino/poker table
Prize wheels | Karaoke machine | Face painter
These rentals and more are available from Party Planners Plus.

Ice, Ice Baby
Who knew that a chainsaw could produce such ephemeral symbols of love? But it's true. In the right hands (and how!), a chainsaw - and other tricks of the trade - make for gorgeous, classic ice sculptures. Choose from a romantic standard (Swans, anyone?) or create your own design with the help of Newhall Ice Co. pros. They deliver directly to your venue (Thank God.) and can even set up a to-die-for ice luge. These custom-designed blocks of ice are designed in a way that allows for artful and delicious drink creation. "Shot luges" are a wedge design; bartenders pour drinks down the ice for a tasty chilled drink. "Martini luges" are lovely; often shaped as a stylish martini glass, they make for a fun - and fancy - party centerpiece that will be talked about for time eternal.

It's no secret that we search far and wide for reasons to use Salt Creek Grille Catering (222-9999). They're just so good at creating custom menus that reflect the theme of the event. We asked Chef Tamra Levine to create a romantic menu for us...

here are the darling details:
Demitasse of White Gazpacho with Almonds & Grapes
Warm Asparagus Salad with Wild Mushrooms over Local Greens with Butter Poached Prawn

Lady Di
Lady Di's 222-9102
Choice of:
Anise-scented Seared Ahi Tuna
Roasted Fennel & White Bean Ravioli
with Blood Orange Sauce
Braised Boneless Short Rib of Beef with Parsnip Puree

A Whimsical Sweet before the Cake...
Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Marshmallow with Graham Cracker Crumbs & Toasted Nuts

The Sweetest Favors
For the wedding, for the shower, for the honeymoon! We can't get enough of Lady Di's Cookies & Sweet's treats. 222-9102

What to Expect from your DJ/Master of Ceremonies
Lucky for us, our friend Barry Lamster, of Barry Lamster Entertainment, has been creating personalized musical memories for over 25 years.
Here's his list of the "shoulds"
for wedding and event performers

• bring a high level of professionalism to all events
• encourage participation on all levels
• create just the right mood and ambiance for each part of the celebration
• provide excellence in customer service
• give advice based on experience as a seasoned DJ/MC and musician
• share a personal touch as a musician
• enhance the music experience for all guests
• develop a relationship with you that builds trust and fulfills your expectations and wishes
• construct a comprehensive planning for your event, including building custom playlists and choosing specific music tailored to your taste
• make you the true stars of the event
• coordinate a timeline and itinerary
• play songs on the piano that people know and can identify with
• fuse elegance, fun and creativity together
Barry Lamster Entertainment 713-4057

Feel Great in your Dress (& Honeymoon Bikini!)
We've heard great reviews about the M'Lis Cellulite & Detox Wrap available at Balance Point Spa. Friends have noticed a difference after their first treatment, though if it were us walking down the aisle, we'd spring for a series of three (on sale for $285 total in March, including free Home Care Kit) for maximum jiggle reduction. The popular M'Lis Detox Kit is also available at a reduced price in March ($59, regularly $69).

AV Party Rentals 259-2151
AV Party Rentals 259-2151
According to Rusty Parr, president of AV Party Rentals, there are new trends in place that are making weddings even more fun for guests and couples alike.

The Sweetheart Table
Reserved for the bride and groom, the sweetheart table replaces the more traditional "bridal party" table, allowing for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to sit with their family and friends during the reception. It also gives you a chance to add romantic personal touches to your private space.

The Family-style Table
In with the long, out with the round! Long, rectangular table set up is becoming increasingly popular. This style of seating can save space (and allow for a bigger dance floor!), looks great and is well received by guests.

Lounge Furniture
So many brides covet the "night club" element that lounge furniture so effortlessly conveys. While not cheap, even a few accent pieces can totally change the ambience of your location. Just make sure to make space allowances for your selections; these pieces are roomy!

Carnival Lighting
For outdoor events, overhead carnival lighting is a pretty and popular alternative to perimeter lighting. It sets a festive mood and is conveniently out of the way.

New Design Showroom
Says Parr, "We have just given the showroom a complete makeover, and the displays are awesome. Brides already feel the excitement when they walk in the door and are inspired by the various table setups. It's a huge benefit for brides to be able to pick out their table size, chair style, linen colors and china pattern, and then set them up right in the showroom to see how they look. The feedback has been unbelievable."
AV Party Rentals 259-2151

"Be sure to find out ahead of time how long you must 'reside' in the DESTINATION LOCATION."

Weddings that are "Goin' Places"
Destination weddings are a delightful alternative to the elopement of days gone by. While many couples still decide to run off to Las Vegas and get married all by themselves, today there are many exciting possibilities that will involve combining the wedding and the honeymoon all in one, with guests included in the festivities.

Hawaii, Mexico, a Caribbean Island and the Canadian Rockies are all fabulous possibilities for the couples who want to avoid cookie cutter weddings that echo the celebrations of all their friends. (I haven't even mentioned Irish castles or villas in Tuscany.)
Prior to planning for a destination wedding, brides and grooms need to consult with a wedding planner who specializes in specific locations or a travel agent who knows about weddings. And while it may cost less for you to get married somewhere distant because of the shorter guest list, keep in mind that those who are invited may need to invest at least $1,000 a piece to join you.

Be sure to find out ahead of time how long you must "reside" in the destination location to qualify for a marriage license and what's necessary to obtain one. For places that aren't as friendly toward strangers getting married on their shores, some couples go to the courthouse in their home town for a quiet civil ceremony before they leave just to insure that the marriage will be legal and that they have proof of it after they return.

One last thing for brides to remember: Be sure that the name on your airline ticket is the same as the one on your passport, or you may run into some unnecessary problems when you try to come home.
Alice Goetschel is a wedding and event coordinator and member of the Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Professionals 270-9448

Creative Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Light on the Jealousy, Heavy on the Fun!
We're not sure how the tradition of attending un-gentlemanly stag parties began, but we know how it's going to end: by replacing them with even more fun (and fiancee-friendly) alternatives! And ladies, we're not leaving you out. We know that some of your friends have "danced with poles" in the past at these things. We're classin' it up for you, too.

For the Gents
Many men desire one more "lap around the track" before they get hitched. Ladies, we suggest you oblige them. Strap your stud and his bachelor party buddies into
MB2 Raceway's high-tech go-kart and hurl them down the straightaway. All that adrenaline should certainly blur their wandering eyes.
866-986-RACE (7223)

Oak Tree Gun Club's bar and grill is the ideal spot for a bachelor party lunch or dinner, making this a one-stop party destination. A wide variety of exciting shooting options will keep everyone happy; trap, skeet, sporting clays, rifle ranges and more can be on the day's menu. Bonus: The groom gets to use his favorite John Wayne quotes throughout. 259-7441

Is there a more gentlemanly engagement than golf? Yes, when it's golf for a good cause. He'll have fun with friends and raise vital funds at the AV Hospital Foundation Invitational Golf Tournament at Robinson Ranch Golf Club. All proceeds will benefit community healthcare needs, showing off his heart of gold. Player packages are still available for the April 30 event. 949-5810

For the Ladies
We can't wait to take a class at Kitchen Wizards. (And not only because this is the kind of cooking class where wine and cocktails are sometimes enjoyed along with the lesson!). Girls' Night Out Cocktail Parties are coming up (the next is on February 24 and include Fresh Tangerine Martinis! Delish!) and you can always book a private engagement, too. Or jump on already-scheduled events like Crepe Party classes (February 18 and 21) and Light and Healthy March menus. You can even imbibe on green beer during their traditional St. Patrick's Day demo! The website has an up-to-date calendar and lots of details. 254-1234

Co-ed Cool
We love the plush but casual ambience of the Pulchella Winery location in Newhall. (And the boutique wines are so good!). Now Pulchella is opening the tasting room on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Sundays for special events like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and showers. Why not combine all three and host your co-ed engagement party here? 799-WINE (9463)

A Different Kind of Check List
Your wedding will represent the hard work, resources and - very likely - the sweat and tears of many individuals. While in the end, it really is "all about you," take time to be grateful.
photography by Andrea Gold 297-4653
photography by Andrea Gold 297-4653
Here's how - and to who.

Your Parents
Maybe they wrote a big check. Maybe they didn't. It doesn't matter. Express your gratitude for their guidance and support by making sweet, personal nods in their direction. Dedicate a song to them. Present a toast. Or just write them a little note intended for their eyes only right before you take a walk down the aisle.

Your Vendors
If you really believe that they went above and beyond the call of duty, let them know. Write a detailed, heart-felt testimonial that they can post on their website. Send them photos for their portfolio. Give them the gift of your referral.

Your Wedding Party
Do you intend to present your much-abused maid of honor with an engraved necklace at the rehearsal dinner? Puh-leeze. The woman has spent many hours and many dollars being at your beck and call. At the least, treat her to a pre-party pedicure. At the most, do it for her when it's her turn.
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