2013's Bridal Best
February, 2013 - Issue #100
Custom heirloom engagement and wedding rings that match your personality, style and budget are the specialty of Manya Jewelers.
"New Year" Wedding Trends You'll Love
Professional wedding planner Alice Goetschel
shares her favorite trends for 2013

Emerald Green
Pantone, the leading source for predicting color trends in fashion and home furnishings, has announced that emerald will be the hot color for 2013. Not that the bride will actually want to walk down the aisle dressed as a leprechaun, but look for emerald on the bridesmaids, table linens and other decor items.

Birds as a Theme
On the invitations, reception decor, even on the cake! The practice of releasing white doves as part of the ceremony is predicted to make a comeback, as well.

A natural extension of the bird theme, feathers will appear even when there are no birds in sight. The bride and her maids may wear them in their hair or tucked into the bouquets. High-end rental companies have just begun showing tablecloths with feathers.

Patterns in Attire and Decor
You may see polka dots, stripes, gingham or even paisley on the men's ties, the bridesmaids' skirts, linens and the envelope lining that your invitation arrives in.

Virtual Wedding Guests
With today's advances in technology, a live-stream video can make it possible for relatives in another country, or a grandpa who is too frail to make the trip, to witness the ceremony as it actually happens rather than waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail.

A Lounge Area at the Reception
While this trend has already been seen on the popular list during 2012, it will be absolutely a must in 2013.

Fun Food at the Reception & Beyond
Candy buffets have been growing in popularity and will remain on the scene with the addition of food that we often associate with carnivals or fairs - like popcorn stations with flavored sprinkles and cotton candy (In the color of the wedding, of course.). After dinner and the cake are served, guests will be dancing and working up an appetite. Rather than serving an encore from the earlier meal, food trucks can show up and serve tacos, burgers or other snacks to hungry revelers.
Alice Goetschel, a profes sional wedding coordinator, is a member of the Santa Clarita Wedding & Event Profes sionals. 270-9448
photo courtesy of R&R Photography
photo courtesy of R&R Photography

More than Rentals Custom Event Production
Anyone can rent you a chair. Few vendors, however, can rent you a chair (in one of a half-dozen styles, for a price you'll like) and supply you with custom linen pairings (over 1,000 to choose from), drapery designs, just-for-you dance floors and more lounge furniture than a Hollywood hotspot. "We treat each wedding as a production and do everything to ensure that your event is the one that everybody is talking about and citing as an example," says A-1 Event Rentals owner Robbie Cruikshank. "If we don't carry something, we'll buy it and add it to the inventory. If it's not available, we'll custom make it - furniture, linens, gazebos, you name it!" Visit the A-1 Event Rentals showroom to experience the best in variety, value and customer service.
A-1 Event Rentals is located at 28349 Constellation Road in Valencia. 775-8111

photo courtesy of R&R Photography
photo courtesy of R&R Photography
2013's In&Out List
In 2013 wedding trends, outdoor venues bring "inside decor" to the outdoors. Hanging chandeliers and lighting is very "in." Lounge areas with cigars and martini bars are still going strong. Small plates for the after party are a 2013 "in." Colored charger plates are fabulously "in." So are pearls - and more pearls! But most importantly for 2013: Remember to be "you" and have your wedding reflect your style!

"Out" with one centerpiece on a round table! Square tables, with different-sized vases and candles, are "in," as is adding lace and "bling" to vases. Bye, bye burlap! Feathers replace the roughly-textured fabric this year. Wood tables with runners, instead of tablecloths, are going to be big, too. Leave drapery out in 2013 and replace it with unique backdrops. See you later, damask! It's replaced by stripes, polka dots and argyle patterns.
Celebrate 259-8611

How to Select the "Right" Vendors
for your Wedding

As you research vendors for your wedding, here are some tips to help you determine if they truly are the "right fit" for you.

This is obviously important but be careful that it isn't your only criteria. You get what you pay for. You can negotiate with many vendors, so don't be afraid to ask - especially if your wedding will take place during an "off season" time of year.
Talent Don't assume that all vendors are the same. Talented florists, wedding planners, videographers...etc. are true artists. Let them show you the difference.

This is one of the most helpful things you can ask of your wedding vendors. The reality is that things change - and you want vendors who are willing to work with you when they do. Your guest count goes up, you need to change your floor plan, you have to adjust the hours of your reception, add some last-minute songs... Flexible vendors will help you keep the stress level down.

This is one of the best ways to understand the differences between vendors. Ask your vendors to show you creative solutions to accomplish what you want. With photography, for example, you might ask vendors for their creative ideas that reflect your personalities, hobbies or passions. Ask MCs and DJs how they can incorporate your "personal story" into the reception.

The importance of each vendor is different for every wedding. Here's a process to help you determine the vendor priority for your wedding. After it is all said and done, what are the comments you would love to hear from your guests? Which vendor do you feel will have the greatest impact on influencing those comments?

Congratulations! You've found your number-one vendor! Continue the process so that your priority list is relevant to your unique hopes and dreams. Make sure to let your vendors know the comments you want your guests to say about your wedding. The "right" vendors will use their creativity, talent and flexibility to make sure you have the memorable experience you deserve!
Santa Clarita Wedding and Event Professionals. 215-2585
Custom heirloom engagement and wedding rings that match your personality, style and budget are the specialty of Manya Jewelers.
Custom heirloom engagement and wedding rings that match your personality, style and budget are the specialty of Manya Jewelers.

Bridal Show Benefits
Yes, it's exciting to attend a bridal show. You won't find a better group of people to share your enthusiasm with (Wait... do you think maybe the gals in the office aren't quite loving the barrage of wedding-details chatter anymore?!), but there's also totally legitimate reasons to plan on "bridal showing" this season. Here are a few faves.

• Pinterest is fabulous, but there's something to be said for touching, smelling and tasting samples of real work.

• Two words: exclusive offers. Bridal show vendors are incentivized to offer you impressive discounts to earn your business. You'll save big bucks.

• You'll find several prominent vendors in every category imaginable, which means that you can comparison shop without driving around town.

• Sure, you could hope to determine whether or not your DJ/MC/musician of choice rocks by listening to a 2-minute clip on YouTube, or you could see them handle a real crowd in person at a bridal show.

• If it's new trends you're seeking, don't wait for them to come out in a magazine. Bridal shows are where vendors float new ideas and share the most current trends. Plus, you'll benefit from being able to ask about how these trends can be incorporated into your own big day.

And now, a few friendly reminders. Wear comfortable shoes; you're going to do some walking! Feel free to take friends and family with you - but remember that everyone comes with their opinion. If you don't value theirs (Or you find theirs to be overbearing!), it may be best to leave them at home. Finally, make sure you ask a lot of questions and have fun!
Don't miss the Bellisima Bride Bridal Show scheduled for Sunday, February 24 at the Hyatt Regency Valencia from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door or can be purchased for half price when you pre-register online.

(photo courtesy of R&R Photography) Romantic roses in shades of pink dalliance with strings of pearls, rhinestones and jewels. The ultra-feminine display, created by the pros at Charmaine
(photo courtesy of R&R Photography) Romantic roses in shades of pink dalliance with strings of pearls, rhinestones and jewels. The ultra-feminine display, created by the pros at Charmaine's Bouquet Canyon Florist, incorporates blooms at varying heigh
The "King's Table" Trend at Valencia Country Club
Although traditional round tables for seating at your reception are great, we are loving the "King's Table" set up! The long, banquet style seating not only looks great, it's fun for your guests. It can really change the way your entire reception is laid out, and it's something unique to make your event even more memorable. You can even mix and match the round tables and king's tables to get the best of both worlds. Valencia Country Club offers many amenities unique to Santa Clarita, including a stunning outdoor event lawn that is magical by day and the pinnacle of romance by night. Special touches like a personal onsite bridal suite and breathtaking photo opportunities gives Valencia Country Club an edge above the rest.

The Do's & Don't's of Premarital Agreements
A "premarital" or "ante-nuptial" agreement is a contract executed between prospective spouses in contemplation of marriage. The purpose of the agreement is to fix marital property rights and financial responsibilities upon consummation of the marriage. The attitude of the courts towards these agreements is that if they are freely entered into by the parties and do not violate public policy, they are favored.

So, what would be a violation of public policy? An agreement that fixes or waives child support is a good example. Another problem can arise where the agreement seeks to waive the mutual duty of support owed between spouses while they are married and living together. The biggest problem usually arises when the agreement seeks to waive post-dissolution spousal support. If the parties wish to include such a clause, they might very well be inviting future litigation, and lots of it, on the issue of whether such a clause is enforceable. If you use the pre-marital agreement for the intended purpose of agreeing that the earnings and accumulations of each party during marriage will remain that party's separate property, free of any claims, community property or otherwise, of the other party, these types of agreements can be very beneficial.
The Law Offices of Richard A. Marcus.

photo courtesy of Mel & Company Photography
photo courtesy of Mel & Company Photography
Love is a Decision
by Andy Storms

My wife hated our wedding. A missing bridesmaid dress, a ringbearer who fell asleep on stage, a malfunctioning air conditioner in the humid Oklahoma summer, and all the normal anxiety and drama you'd expect made my bride's day far from enjoyable. I can assure you, the tears she shed on her way down the aisle were not completely tears of joy.

The good news is, 15 years and three kids later, we are still very happily married. But that day -June 21, 1997 - was not so happy.

In spite of this - or perhaps because of it - I love to perform weddings. I love telling the happy couple the story of my wedding day, laughing with them at the things that can and probably will go wrong in their ceremony, and then reminding them that there is so much more to being married than getting married. As hard as it can be to get married, staying married is even harder.

This isn't a new concept. Around the year 80 AD, a Christian writer penned these simple words:

"Love never fails." Notice that he didn't say, "Feelings never fail." Feelings are fickle. They come and go - sometimes even on wedding days, and certainly in the days and months and years that follow. I know for a fact that in our 15 years of marriage, my wife hasn't always felt in love with me. But, she has stayed in love with me.

So what's the difference? Love is a decision. Love is a choice. Just like my wife had to decide to go through with the ceremony even as the wheels were coming off, we now have to decide to hang in there with love, even when life is hard, busy and stressful. We choose to stay in love, even when the feelings may not be there, knowing that our feelings will follow our decision. Through the ups and downs, heartaches and joys, we still love, and you can too because "love never fails."

Real Life Church has served the SCV since October 2000. The congregation opened its environmentally-friendly facility in April 2010 with an 1100-seat auditorium and a community-focused coffeehouse. The building is available for rent for weddings, parties or other events.

The newly-shaded outdoor amphitheater is also a great space to enjoy your special day. For rental information, contact Facility Coordinator Kim Tarlton at
Andy Storms is the Care Pastor of Real Life Church. 775-7401
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