April, 2014 - Issue #114
Clear Skin is In
The Acne Facial from Sofya's European Skin Care works to combat acne-causing bacteria; you'll see results after the first treatment, but don't take our word for it!

"Sofya's European Skin Care has changed my life. I used to have horrible acne. I was so embarrassed and self conscious of it. I never wanted to leave the house. Sofya was so kind and wonderful! She treated my acne and taught me so much. My skin is clear and I feel so great. I also lost a lot of weight by making the changes in my diet that Sofya recommended to help my skin. I love Sofya like family. She's amazing! Her daughter Anna is the best when it comes to waxing. She does amazing eyebrows and everything is painless. I love these women. I love my life now." ~ Rebecca L.

This synergistic Vitamin A and Glycolic Acid blend effectively reduces fine lines and skin discoloration.
Sofya's European Skin Care 424-1807

A Longer, Leaner, More Slender You
When we heard that women in Las Vegas were saying goodbye to their "arm waddle" and waving hello to their new six-pack abs without a change in diet or exercise, we were curious - and suspicious. But it only took a chat with a 60-something desert diva with a tush as high and firm as a swimsuit model's to make us think that there really was something to ForeverSlim, a new medical-grade electro-therapy treatment.

ForeverSlim is a safe, medically-proven way to achieve fantastic results in a shorter period of time. Each ForeverSlim session is equivalent to hours of strenuous gym work and effectively targets those seemingly impossible-to-reach areas like the lower abs and buttocks. Forever Slim is an exclusive custom software program that specializes in area-specific body sculpting through the use of skin-contact electrodes. Pulse waves produce rhythmic, powerful muscle contractions that result in rapid fat reduction.

The treatment is relaxing and you will feel rejuvenated after a session. It's totally safe and there are no dangerous side effects.
The recommended treatment is a one-hour session two to four times a week, based on your desired results. The folks we've talked to have seen results in one to three sessions, with remarkable results in as few as eight sessions. Follow a once-a-week detox plan available at for even faster results. 313-4878

Brow Beauty for Teens
When the teens of Santa Clarita start practicing "new looks" for upcoming proms or graduation, the results of their beauty rituals sometimes produce surprising - or shocking - results. What start out as normal girly eyebrows might end up pencil-thin or unusually angular without some professional guidance. Even the "satisfaction guaranteed" gimmicks out there don't always work - for example, "one size fits all" brow templates come fraught with problems. They don't account for face shape or what nature gave each girl to work with in terms of brow hair; it's kind of like using a bowl to cut your hair. But it doesn't have to be that way. Brow beauty, in the hands of a professional wax artist, can be simple and fun. At WAX by Heather Nelson, lots of mothers and daughters come in together, akin to a spa day. Both mom and daughter leave refreshed, less stressed, more beautiful and ready for their nights on the town, with beautiful brows highlighting their perfectly-framed faces. WAX by Heather Nelson is in the Sola Salon on Bouquet Canyon Road. 644-4346

Learn from the Best in Bridal
Wednesday March 26
Santa Clarita Wedding Professionals Host "The White Stage"

This is what happens when you gather the best in the business to put on the show of the year! The White Stage is an educational, exciting bridal show that puts you and your wedding front and center. You'll learn how to avoid the most common (And most expensive!) mistakes couples make when planning their wedding, plus brilliant tips on everything from cake cutting to veil pinning. Become more educated on invites, flowers, photography, hair and makeup, wedding attire and more while talking one-on-one with vendors who are dedicated to making your vision a reality. Held at the Hyatt Regency Valencia, the bar opens at 6pm and doors open at 6:30pm. For only $30 for a bride and guest, you'll find fresh ways to stay within your budget while creating the day of your dreams. RSVP by phone. 215-2585

Are You Ready for a New Look?
We are feeling ultra glam since we dropped into Studio 4 for a precision cut from ultra-talented proprietor and Vidal Sassoon grad Chanel Robertson. Right now you can get a detailed consultation, deep conditioning masque, cut and blowout for a mindblowing $55 when you book your appointment before April 15. Studio 4 can be found in the Trader Joe's shopping center. 487-2511
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