Bridal Beauty Timeline
February, 2012 - Issue #88
Many brides and grooms are electing to enhance their look and appearance for that most special occasion in the life: the wedding. There are many surgical and none surgical procedures that maybe considered.

Six Months Prior
If one is considering surgical procedures such as a liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat or a breast enhancement surgery to improve the appearance in the wedding gown, one should allow ample time for recovery and most importantly, time to let the swelling subside. Although the recovery time from breast augmentation or liposuction procedure is only a few days, six months is the typical period of time to allow for swelling to completely resolve following the surgery.

Four to Six Months Prior
A series of three to five sessions of laser hair removal (one month apart) may be required to eliminate excessive hair on the face, axilla (armpit) or legs. One should allow four to six months for complete treatment.

Two to Three Months Prior
A series of three IPL Fotofacial laser treatments may be required to eliminate sun spots, brown or yellow spots, pigmentation, fine wrinkles or fine veins on the face. Although there is no down time with IPL Fotofacial, two-to-three-months' time should be allowed in order to achieve ultimate results.

One Month Prior
Let's not forget about the grooms. Many brides and grooms may require a few non-surgical procedures to look their best and freshest. These procedures include Botox injections for crows feet and frown lines, as well as fillers such as FDA-approved Restylane or Juvederm to plump up the lips, correct wrinkles on the lower face or reduce circles under the eyes. These procedures are non-invasive, fairly quick to perform, and - if done by qualified physician - the results are very natural. A filler treatment such as Juvederm or Botox injection should be performed about one month prior to the special occasion.

Two Weeks Prior
About two weeks prior to the event, a treatment of micro-dermabrasion will exfoliate the skin in order to open the pores, remove the black and white heads and give skin a glowing look.
Courtesy of Kevin Hayavi, MD and medical director of Beverly Hills Physicians, one of the biggest plastic surgery groups on the West Coast, with 12 board-certified surgeons in the group and 10 locations in Southern California, including Valencia. They offer complimentary consultations. 800-788-1416
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