Looking your Best on the Big Day
August, 2006 - Issue #22
Photography by Ted Dayton

A variety of experts are available to help you feel and look your best before and after your wedding day.

Grin with Confidence

Do you cover your mouth when you laugh or smile? Crooked or stained teeth, as well as an uneven gum line, can prevent you from expressing joy on what should be the happiest day of your life. Thankfully, procedures like Invisalign (invisible braces) or natural-looking porcelain veneers are impressively quick solutions that will last a lifetime. Your straight, white, even smile is a bridal gift to yourself that will keep on giving every day. For more information on state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry contact Dr. Bobby Irani of Valencia Dental Arts at 799-9989.

Relax and Lose with Infrared Heat

Lose up to 1,200 calories in a single session using the Infrared Body Wrap System. In 10 sessions, you can lose a dress size, and you can schedule up to three sessions a week. The heat comfortably penetrates skin and muscle, stimulating enzymes and reducing pain and muscle spasms while toning and softening the skin. You can read, sleep or listen to music during your 50-minute session. For more information contact Bellissima Body Spa at 294-9264.

Thermogenic Weight Management

If you've ever wished for a product to help you lose unwanted pounds and inches, thermogenic products may be your solution. Thermogenic compounds can reverse thermogenesis dysfunction, the main cause of obesity. For more information on thermogenic products and weight management solutions, contact Joanna Rem of Omnitrition at 818-231-2811.

Massage your Way to Smoother Thighs

The Absolue Minceur Body Treatment uses glycolic exfoliation, drainage massage with essential oils, detoxifying clay and thermal blankets to promote circulation and eliminate fats. To book your relaxing and effective sessions, call L'Esprit Day Spa & Salon at 284-3633.

Bridal Boot Camp

Jen Aukes of Train by Jen has 15 years experience working with brides. "I tweak their eating and we work out intensely, with different workouts everyday. I also suggest a three-session detox with Healing Waters. It's possible to lose two dress sizes in six weeks. We can tone triceps, whittle the waist, incorporate weight training to boost metabolism, and do it all safely," says Aukes, who offers private training sessions and an extensive list of success stories. For more information, contact Train by Jen at 904-3627.

Be a Bridal Goddess

Whether you book a one-night pole-dancing bachelorette party or use goddess-inspired moves to lose weight and tone your physique (think about that mandatory honeymoon bikini!), a variety of dance classes, including burlesque and belly dancing, will give you a gorgeous pre- and post-wedding body. Call the Goddess Fitness Studio for more information at 251-2831.

Make your Smile Bright

Valencia cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Joel Miller says, "I've had photographers refer entire wedding parties to us to do in-office BriteSmile Teeth Whitening treatments before any photos are taken. It's the easiest way to insure the photographers that they will have great smiles on their subjects. BriteSmile is the most common procedure we do because it is a 'quick fix.' And, of course, it is important to keep the color of your teeth in mind to avoid a contrast to the whiteness of the wedding dress." For more information on BriteSmile Teeth Whitening or aesthetic dental treatment options, contact Miller Studio for Dental Artistry at 257-5858.
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