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2015 Bridal Trends
February, 2015 - Issue #124

2015 Brings Pretty Pops of Color
Brides will make a dramatic statement in 2015 with high contrast - and few weddings exemplify this trend better than the one photographed here. An all-white backdrop bursts with bold fuchsia shades and a variety of textures from Phalaenopsis orchids, dendrobiums and hydrangeas.
Charmaine's Bouquet Canyon Florist 297-3100

R&R Creative Photography
R&R Creative Photography

The "King's Table" Trend at Valencia Country Club
Although traditional round tables for seating at your reception are great, we are loving the "King's Table" set up! The long, banquet style seating not only looks great, it's fun for your guests. It can really change the way your entire reception is laid out, and it's something unique to make your event even more memorable. You can even mix and match the round tables and king's tables to get the best of both worlds. Valencia Country Club offers many amenities unique to Santa Clarita, including a stunning outdoor event lawn that is magical by day and the pinnacle of romance by night. Special touches like a personal onsite bridal suite and breathtaking photo opportunities gives Valencia Country Club an edge above the rest. 799-1263

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

2015 Wedding & Event Catering Trends
The key term used when discussing today's catering trends is "custom." Brides and grooms want a menu that matches their event, their tastes, their personalities and their budgets. Here are the 2015 trends that aren't going anywhere anytime soon!

Vegan Gluten Free for Me, Please
Dietary restrictions have infiltrated the wedding and event field just as much as they have your local grocery store. Today's brides want their guests to eat, drink and be merry - and that means having a wide variety of menu options everyone can enjoy. From dairy-free cakes to vegan passed platters and organic free-range meats to soy cheese options paired with gluten-free crackers, no request will surprise a top-tiered caterer in 2015. Don't hesitate to make these kinds of requests!

Food that Transcends Time & Space
Destination-themed weddings might not be at the peak of popularity, but more subtle ways of including the wedding pair's favorite cultures and cuisines still has plenty of staying power in 2015. The best caterers and most creative couples are finding fun ways to fuse not only two families but two (Or more!) cultures on one dinner platter. French-German-Colombian fusion cuisine can be a "thing!" Just ask! Your caterer's skill will impress you!

The most Important Tip of All
Know your budget before consulting with your potential caterer. Too often, couples will describe their "dream," the caterer will create a menu to match and then the pair gets very discouraged when they find out they can't afford it. The very best caterers are masters at getting the most out of every dollar. Instead of saying, "Here are the seven things I want served. Here are the pictures of what I want that I found on Pinterest. Please tell me how much that will cost," say, "I really want a gastro-pub theme, salmon needs to be in there somewhere and I can only spend $35 dollars a person." Then let them wow you!
Salt Creek Grille Catering 222-9999

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

See 2015 Trends at the Bellisima Bridal Show
One of the top five bridal shows in Los Angeles, Bellisima Bridal Show is where smart brides go to see the year's best trends all in one space. Held on Sunday, February 8 from 10am to 4pm at the Hyatt Regency Valencia, the show offers 50 percent off the $10 at-the-door ticket price when you register in advance online at Here's why you won't want to miss it.

See the Latest Fashions
The Bellisima Bridal Show holds fashion shows at 12pm and 2pm. Get a first peek at the newest styles of designer wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes and wedding jewelry while also scoring great giveaways.

Find your Preferred Vendors
Website pictures can only convey so much! Get up close and personal with the people behind the online portfolios by chatting with DJs, florists, photographers, wedding planners, videographers, invitation makers, caterers, bakers and more.

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Simplicity Reins for 2015 Hair & Makeup
On your wedding day, you want to look like the most beautiful version of yourself. To enhance the beauty you already have, try these new bridal hairstyles and makeup looks.

Chignon buns are an on-trend go-to bridal look. This hairstyle looks good on everyone because hair pulled back accentuates your face. Choose either a sleek bun pulled back at the nape of the neck or show some texture with curls pulled loosely into a bun.

Highlighted cheekbones and temples will show off your rosy glow. Choose soft peaches and warm pinks for a natural look.

Just a bit of shimmer added to your eye makeup will make your peepers pop when you use a soft silver or metallic bronze eyeliner.

Say "no" to nudes and instead choose a not-quite-red lipstick for a "just bitten" hue that's youthful and glamorous at the same time.

Always do a trial run before the big day. A hairstyle or makeup trend may look good on someone else, but you want to make sure it looks amazing on you!
Fairest of Them All Hair & Makeup 904-3805
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