That's Amore!
A co-ed shower that will impress even the most cynical guest!

Invite: Mini baskets that hold tiny grapes or bread loaves with the invitation information rolled up and held closed with metal wedding rings around it. This unique invitation is placed into small boxes and mailed to guests.

Decor: Red/white table cloths on round tables with Chianti bottles with candle as a centerpiece; bowls of grapes; cheese/cracker platters, olives etc. are set on the tables as appetizers and to compliment the table and theme. Wine glasses, white dinnerware, wine and carafes of water should also be on the table.

Buffet Table: Use cans of Italian foods i.e. tomatoes etc. to be the pedestals for platters to make different heights for you food display. Decorate with other Italian foods and decor - garlic cloves, wine bottles, ceramic pottery.

Other decor: Hang candles from the trees to really wow guests with the perfect mood.

Food: Serve several pasta dish choices, salad, bread, and a gelato or tiramisu for dessert.

Game ideas: Every guest is asked to bring a wrapped item (with no name) that they feels represents their relationship/friendship with the bride for her to keep. This can be really fun and a great ice breaker as the bride is asked to guess who gave her which item. If the group has a great sense of humor, the guest can be asked to bring a new pair of underwear for the bride to help get her ready for her honeymoon. The guests would bring a pair that best fits their personality so the bride can guess who they are from. (the underwear are turned in - unwrapped - to the party hostess who hangs them on display for all to see on a clothesline). This is so much fun assuming it's the right crowd!
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