The First Look
2019 Wedding & Event Guide Preview
February, 2019 - Issue #173

In 2019,Let There Be Bling
Draped crystals are only part of your love story when you pair them with the most delicate shades of white, cream, lavender and pink. On trend for the New Year: couple's tables fit for royalty, lavishly adorned with bountiful blooms to symbolize plentiful signs of love and affection throughout your marriage.
Charmaine's Bouquet Canyon Florist 297-3100

Whether your style is romantic, classic or boho, there is braid style to suit every bride in 2019.
Most brides are really focused on looking like themselves on their special day - just an "amped up" version! They are choosing to wear their hair down, adding extensions for fullness and/or length and keeping it fairly simple.
For Romantic Brides...
choose soft, relaxed curls with a touch of sparkle and a small side braid to keep it clean and delicate.
For Classic Brides...
be inspired by the past and pair vintage looks with trendy braids to make it your own. A side bun with a braid accent or a half updo with curls and braid both honor the past and present.
The Boho Brides...
are effortless chic! Mix creativity with curls and braids, because these styles are truly unique to each bride. They can be as messy or as careful as they wish, or minimal and simple with a flower crown and beach waves.
The Parlour 252-1335

Light it Up
Contrast is what makes a photo - and when you're choosing your 2019 venue, lighting matters.
Uplight: Are columns and walls illuminated from below? If not, you can ask a lighting specialist to incorporate specialized lighting packages to create a magical ambience.
Lanterns & Sconces: Light from beside you will catch the eye, so make sure that the look illuminates your overall theme.
Carnival & Chandelier Lights: Lighting from above should be for accent and ambience, but if you need real illumination, talk to your vendor about providing event lighting.
Pictured here, lighting done right at the spectacular
The Oaks Club At Valencia 288-1995

Flowers & Photography that
Capture your True Essence
Boho or Bette Davis? Mason jars or crystal carafes? Your wedding will be a lot of things, but more than anything, it should be "you." Choose vendors who see you as a couple and as individuals, ready to highlight your distinct personalities in a way that is decidedly different than the norm.
Your wedding-day photography can only be as beautiful as the subject matter allows, so for truly-memorable pictures, you need truly-memorable "just for you" flowers that capture your unique personality.
Acton Creative Flowers 269-9326
Becca Rillo Photography is most known for beautiful, natural lighting and the photographer's "sneak peeks." About 24 to 48 hours after your wedding, you and your guests will get to enjoy a huge "sneak peek" of about 150 images from your Big Day on her website.
Becca Rillo Photography 310-6909

The First Look
2019 Wedding & Event Guide Preview
Like when your spouse sees you for the first time on your wedding day, your First Look of our Wedding & Event Guide sets the tone for what's to come. Be sure to check back next month for our complete 2019 beauty!

Wax On
Wedding perfection comes when everyone feels their smooth best before, during and after the Big Day. Feel amazing for engagement photos, the wedding and honeymoon with the wax lineup that is right for you.
Picture Perfection: Peach fuzz is beautiful on fruit but in the right light, it can distract from an otherwise lovey photograph. Clean up lips, chins and unruly sideburn hairlines a few days before you get in front of the camera.
Brazilians & Backs: The week of your wedding, primp and prim with a brazilian or back wax that will make you feel modelesque during your sandy-beach honeymoon canoodling.
Brow Brilliance: Men and women both can use a brow clean up three to five days before the wedding, ensuring that their arches are as on point as their vows.
WAX by Heather Nelson 644-4346

What Couples Want in 2019
by Tiffany Grummer
Bold Color Palettes
Coral will be especially big this year.
Non-traditional Bridesmaid Dresses
Expect to wave goodbye to "matchy matchy," allowing each bridesmaid to choose a shape and style of dress that feels most flattering on her figure.
Mixed & Untraditional Wedding Parties
Yes, your mom can be your "best man." Dogs down the aisle - absolutely!
Alternative Engagement Rings
You'll be seeing more semi-precious pretties; more artisan crafted rings; more morganite and moissanite center stones; more eco metals and sparklers that were ethically sourced.
Personal, Inventive Food
Themed stations, raw seafood bars, custom pizza and taco stands win in '19.
Valencia Country Club's Tiffany Grummer, an SCV resident, has been in the wedding planning biz for over a decade. 799-1263

3 Steps to
Fine-paper Perfection
Work with a highly-trained staff of graphic designers to creatively communicate your message through typography and digital imagery. The detailed manipulation of graphics and type will provide your paper goods with a design that enhances the quality of your event.
Weave your personality and inspirations through your paper products. Through styles, colors, paper and text, create a product that is unique to you and your personal taste.
Once you have designed your invitation, it's time for theme integration. Take the announcement of your event and carry that inspired look to the actual event with programs, menus, table and place cards. These decorative pieces will help tie together the look of your venue for your special day.
By Invitation Only 388-5699

Make your Venue your Own
Long past are the days where your singular choice at "all inclusive" venues were chicken or steak. Today's one-stop wedding shops offer a variety of choices, from linens to custom menus, room design and tableware. Besides scoring a lower-stress event that's often times more budget friendly, too, you'll also connect with event specialists who will provide complimentary planning assistance and vendor referrals.

The ballroom spaces at Hyatt Regency Valencia are beautifully redone and ripe for your customizations. 799-1234

"Best Day Ever" Forever
Preserve your favorite memories in an acid-free, heirloom-quality frame design that will last as long as your love.
FASTFRAME 291-1325

After You put a Ring on It...
Weddings are fun. The paperwork that goes along with it? Less. But after you've made your big commitment, it's time to commit to joint policies and plans that can save you money, provide security for your new spouse... or both.
Health Insurance
Can they be added to yours, or vice versa? Chances are, you'll spend less than what your coughing up for individual policies by adding a spouse to the better value of the two.
Life Insurance
You now share a communal toaster oven - and communal debt. Even if you don't have children and both of you have good jobs, life insurance will protect the surviving spouse from having to work through initial grief and can help cover any debts the passing spouse left behind.
Home or Renters Insurance
You now have twice as much good stuff - so make sure its appropriately covered.
Save a Bundle by Bundling
Car, home, life and other insurance products are usually available from the same insurance professional. Don't just bundle your own to save cash - add your new spouse, too, to raise that savings number even higher. By working with a local agent, you and the new Mr. or Mrs. can have an in-person chat about your new needs - and how to save the most on all of it.
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