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2021 Weddings & Events
March, 2021 - Issue #197
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courtesy of shutterstock

Our weddings and events are going to look different for a while - and that's ok. We're not going to stop celebrating - we'll just celebrate in new ways. Here's our start.

Sharing Love with Rose-colored Glasses
"Rose-colored glasses" means that you see the world with a tint of optimism - and the couples planning weddings right now are sharing them not only with their guests, but their entire community. There's something about love that makes people pause - even when it's not their own. To the lovers who have chosen this unique time in history to make the ultimate commitment: Thank you for sharing the love!

"Today, while we might differ on which design, metal or gem is best, we can agree that the SYMBOLIC nature of rings is
as timeless as the love that inspires their exchange."

The Exchange of Rings is a Historical Tradition
It was the pharaohs of Egypt that - noting that a circle has no end or beginning - first gave rings to represent "eternity." Later, the Greeks chose rings as a symbol of devotion, giving their lovers adornments to prove their love. The Romans were next, choosing copper and iron metals to meld betrothed couples in marriage.
We wear our wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hand because the ancient Egyptians held that this digit contained "the vein of love," which led directly to the wearer's heart.

Since 1965, Kitsinian Jewelers has proven to be America's most trusted family in jewelry. Visit their stunning location in Valencia, near Nordstrom Rack.
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Say "Yes" to Safety & On-Trend Design
If you are recently engaged or had to reschedule your wedding (Thanks, COVID!), you might be thinking about how to celebrate your upcoming nuptials while still ensuring you and your guests have a great time while staying safe.
Outdoor weddings are always a great option, compliments of our sunny So Cal weather. However, if you are looking indoors, don't worry - local pros still have you covered.
24/7 Events can assist with event plans and layouts to ensure that your guests are appropriately distanced to adhere to current safety guidelines. Plus, this is a great way to keep quarreling family members sufficiently apart. Bonus!
Additionally, they offer turn-key packages of sanitizing products available for your event so everyone stays squeaky clean and you stay worry free.
Now that we have safety covered, let's focus on design. This season's wedding trend is all about color. Whether you choose a sophisticated hue of blue or a vibrant shade of pink, 24/7 Events has linens, lounge furniture, glassware and more to create a unique event just for you. 24/7 Events is here to bring your wedding vision to life without compromising safety. Let 24/7 Events be a part of your wedding team - they vow to make your wedding an event to love and cherish from this day forth.
24/7 Events 775-8111

courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trends for 2021
Now that 2020 is behind us, we can start off fresh with bridal hair and makeup trends for 2021! As the world changed, so did our perspective on life, love and happiness. When it comes to wedding looks, it's all about the beauty behind the mask - literally. Now is the time to choose hair and makeup looks that celebrate your natural beauty - not mask it.
For Hair
"Hollywood" waves are a top bridal trend this year. This elegant hairstyle can be worn as loose waves down the back or can be pulled into a ponytail. Mermaid braids are the new way to incorporate woven strands in your bridal updo.
You can never go wrong with a classic updo, either. Either pulled tight or loose with texture and curls, this look is timeless.
For Makeup
Highlighting your cheekbones and temple with soft peaches and pinks will give brides a natural rosy glow.
Smokey eyes are a classic bridal look - but you can change it up by playing with color. Grays, browns and soft plums are popular - and you can go as dark or light as you wish.
Adding a bit of shimmer to your eye makeup will make your eyes pop. Try using a soft silver or pearl to achieve this look. Remember, a little goes a long way.
To complete your makeup look, you can either go bold with wine-colored lips or appear more natural with a soft pink. Top your lips off with a transparent lip gloss to enhance your pout.
It is your special day - you want to look as amazing as you feel. Make sure you always do a trial run before the wedding so you can go into it feeling confident and gorgeous!
Fairest of Them All Hair & Makeup 904-3805

Your Event can be Deliciously Different
Your wedding or event might not "look" like what you planned - but when you partner with Salt Creek Grille's custom catering specialists, you can still plan on perfection. Surprisingly affordable, Salt Creek's fresh, exciting options - like these delicious Ahi Wonton Chips, signature cocktails and charcuterie spreads - are the perfect fit, no matter how intimate or grand the guest list.
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The Wedding Bands are Back Together Again
Some things - and people - are just meant to be together, like Dave and Roxana Napoli - and their wedding bands.
Dave and Roxana, graduates of Hart High, were high school sweethearts. "On Valentine's Day in 1989, our senior year, I gave her flowers and nervously kissed her in the hallway at school," says the still-smitten Dave. "Later that semester, I sent her flowers and a note to her home room, inviting her to be my date at our senior prom. Her proud and excited teacher asked her to read the note out loud to the class."
Their young love grew up with them and the couple married four years later, sealing their commitment to each other with two gold wedding bands.
And life went on. The pair settled in Stevenson Ranch, where they raised two children.
They wore their bands with consistency and pride until an accident in 2003, a decade after they said "I do."
"While coaching my son's t-ball team up at Richard Rioux Park, somehow while playing catch, I lost my engraved wedding ring," remembers Dave. The search was on - but turned up only dirt.
They bought another - and the ring stayed missing for 18 years.
"Our house phone rang and it was a gentleman named John, asking if we happened to have lost a gold wedding band with an engraving inside. To confirm it was our ring, he had asked my wife to say the date that was etched inside the band. It was my ring," shares Dave.
John was strolling the park with a metal detector and got a hit. The band was buried six inches deep in the upper field. Knowing that the ring, with the special engraving, must hold significant sentimental value, he began a quest to return it to its rightful owner.
"John actually had to do some serious detective work to find us. He's a good soul," says Dave.
The couple set up a meeting at the park, where the band was returned and the hobbyist was gifted with a bottle of champagne and monetary reward.
"It's crazy when you think about it. That ring was in the dirt longer than it was on my finger," says the SCV resident.
But now it's back where it belongs.

They're Engaged!
Jolie Stroh and Edward Masten are excited to announce their wedding on June 4, 2022. The intimate affair will take place in Sand Canyon, at the home of Jolie's grandparents, Wayne and Dianne Crawford. Jolie is fulfilling her lifelong dream of being married at the same location as her parents, Eric and Jacque Stroh, who were married at the Crawford estate in June of 1990.

Congratulations to the Meyers!
Kevin Meyer and Pegah Hunt decided there was no better time than now to spread love and happiness in the world - so on September 26, 2020, they tied the knot!
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