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July, 2019 - Issue #178

Say "I Do" to Do-It-Yourself
Imagine that you have a group of gal pals from college who want to dance on tables 'til 3am and gift you with irreverently-shaped pasta in honor of your impending nuptials. If that's your thing, go and have a blast!

Then invite everyone else to AR Workshop.

There's still table dancing, but this time it's alongside a workshop top and it's because you've just made Pinterest-worthy wedding or home decor.

Gather your besties and have them help make customized signage for your big day, your new home together or something sweet for themselves to remember the fun. Bring your own bottles and a charcuterie board for extra yum.
AR Workshop 288-1903

Host a Bridal Brunch
There's something inherently quaint about honoring the traditions of the past with favorites of the present. Take a note from your grandmother's generation and celebrate the bride with a brunch - with a twist. (In your drink. Gran's gen might have skipped the cocktails, but you know better.).

The homemade gourmet goodness from Old Town Junction is just what the traditionalist ordered, complete with incredible attention to detail and locally-sourced ingredients that taste like they were sun-grown in Gran's garden.

Available for on- or off-site catering, private party or with a simple table reservation, this is a delicious way to connect in a meaningful, easy-to-plan way.
Old Town Junction 702-4888

Hop Over to a Brewery
Mingle with everyone, including both members of the bridal couple, over a brew - because nothing says, "Come one, come all!" like a craft beer. The crew can play cornhole, tour Wolf Creek Brewery's impeccable property, casually connect and nosh, too - catering is easily arranged with Wolf Creek's restaurant.
Wolf Creek Brewery 294-9977
Acton Country Flowers
Acton Country Flowers

Custom Floral Arches

From cascading falls of flowers to every shape imaginable, the custom-arch trend is fueled by fine foliage - and Instagram. The picture-perfect event accessories are coveted for their eye-candy looks and their photogenic designs.
Acton Creative Flowers 269-9326

Valencia Country Club
Valencia Country Club

There are few decisions as vital as this: Where will you say your "I do's?" Those who choose not to leave details to chance often opt for country-club consistency. But which? Here are three top finds - each dramatically different in ways that can pique your preferences.

Valencia Country Club
The ambience is: Well appointed, with plenty of attention to detail; the outdoor event pavilion is flirty, fun and unique.
What's special: There's nothing more romantic or intimate than starting your life together under the twinkling bistro lights - and this is the only full-service outdoor venue in town.
It's perfect for: Summer and fall weddings shine here, thanks to the comfortable evening temperatures.
Valencia Country Club 799-1263

The Saticoy Club
The Saticoy Club

The Saticoy Club
The ambience is: Traditionally luxe, with a refined nod to the Club's nearly 100-year history.

What's special: Located in Ventura County, you'll revel in ocean breezes with a hint of citrus zest - and you can't beat the glorious weather.

It's perfect for: A "destination wedding" that everyone can attend. The drive via the 126 is positively picturesque from beginning to end, with orchards, farm stands and rolling hillsides.
The Saticoy Club 805-288-5297

The Oaks Club at Valencia
The Oaks Club at Valencia

The Oaks Club At Valencia
The ambience is: Classically California, with soaring ceilings, plenty of rich wood finishes and stone for days.
What's special: The property is dotted with centuries-old heritage oak trees, offering a romantic photo setting to display the equal timelessness of your love.
It's perfect for: Weddings and events that require a touch of formality, but are rooted in elements that celebrate nature.
The Oaks Club At Valencia 288-1995
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

3 Relationship Building Trends we Want to See more Of

1. Not inviting everyone you've ever met, ever.
Big, lavish weddings are still a thing, but the trend is toward the more intimate. Don't want to rock the boat? Prevent hard feelings by excluding by group; if one pal from work goes, they all gotta go.

2. Remembering that you're marrying the person, not their family/friends/college roomies.
There's so much pressure to be the "daughter they never had," or "like a son" to future inlaws - but sometimes, it just doesn't mesh - and that's Ok. And friends might be jealous/lame, too. If it's truly dysfunctional, recognize the upside: Now you have an excuse to do the holidays in the Carribean by yourselves.

3. Saying "thank you."
No, not with an engraved flask that everyone in your bridal party will throw away as soon as the day's done. (Unless it's filled with booze. Why do so many brides/grooms give empty flasks?) We're talking sincere thank yous throughout. Being the center of attention can skew perspective. Bonus points for asking about the lives of others even when you're deep in the midst of wedding planning.

Becca Rillo Photography • courtesy of Shutterstock
Becca Rillo Photography • courtesy of Shutterstock

Blow it Out
You're a smooth operator, but chances are that last-minute bumps and to-do's have left you looking frazzled. A fast fix: a blowout. It'll make you fall in love again with the person in the mirror - plus, you can skip washing your hair yourself for a few days (Or, um... a week. Thank you, dry shampoo!). While you're at Blo-Out Lounge on Town Center Drive, peep at their wedding hair and makeup looks. It's the affordable solution that can accomodate your entire bridal party (Sorry, sister who loves to draw on racoon-eye liner!). Remember to schedule your bridal-look trial on a day where you have to look amazing for something else, like an engagement party or rehearsal dinner.
Blo Out Lounge 255-2569

Take it Off
Goodbye ear fuzz. See ya never, unibrow! Hasta la vista, bikini fluff! When bonus hair has to go, you have to go to WAX by Heather Nelson. When thousands of dollars of pictures have to be perfect, people pick Heather to deftly apply her specially-concocted waxy potion. Gentle, fast and precise, a wax-sesh with this trend-setting goddess will leave you with brows on point - and more. It's the perk pick me up that should be done a few days prior to your major event.
WAX by Heather Nelson 644-4346

Get Fit
This version of "fit" requires no exercise at all. Those in the know understand that nearly everyone in the wedding and event biz can do alterations - but that's like saying everyone can dance. Sure, it doesn't take a tango instructor to shake what your mama gave you, but you probably shouldn't be doing backup for Brittany Spears in Vegas, either. If you're looking for the perfect fit, you need to go to the spot that's trusted by major league baseball stars, NBA players, politicos and global VIPs. Precision is their passion at J. David's, which specializes in both men's and women's bridal attire alterations. (They're also the top spot for designer tux purchases and rentals.).
J. David's Custom Clothiers 287-3636
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