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Marston's Restaurant
24011 Newhall Ranch Rd,
Valencia, California  91355

Phone: 661-253-9910

Categories: Catering, Restaurant

Marston's Restaurant Introduces New Lower-priced Breakfast Selections
"I could eat this all day,

The place?
Marston's Restaurant (conveniently tucked into the Bridgeport Marketplace).

The foodie?
Inside SCV Magazine Publisher Jeanna Crawford.

The instantly-addictive breakfast dish?
The Pulled Pork Benedict ($11.50).

Between bites of melt-in-your-mouth seasoned shredded pork, we press Marston's owner Jim for details on our new favorite meal. "This may be the very best dish on the breakfast menu," he shares. "The toasted English muffins are topped with two poached eggs and our hollandaise sauce, which has spicy chipotle pepper whipped in. The pulled pork sets it all off. It's a perfect combination."

We agree enthusiastically, at least until the Fantastic French Toast arrives at our table. Now only $8.50, this hearty plate features thick slices of real sourdough bread covered in a cornflake coating. A dribble of rich syrup is poured and our breakfast party goes silent - or at least as silent as people can be who are savoring a palate-pleasing mix of sweet, tender crunchiness. This isn't a pancake house's version of French toast. Marston's has depth and character. Jeanna and I agree that we now like our French toast like we like our men: crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, sweet and rich. (Kyle and Eric: We're kidding. Really.)

While we wait for our next course - and ponder why we didn't make a career out of writing food reviews (because we can get used to this) - we catch up with Jim. He's worked as a professional chef his whole life and has owned Marston's for over a decade (The original restaurant is in Pasadena; the Bridgeport location allows Jim to work just minutes from his home in Valencia.). A family man (wife Kristin is a third-grade teacher at Helmer's Elementary; his children attend Rio Norte and Tesoro Elementary) whose dream has always been to own a family business, Jim's philosophy on food is an easy one to grasp: "We make simple dishes with the very best ingredients and use solid cooking techniques and number-one-grade produce to make them delicious." It's obvious that philosophy has translated well into practice when the Powerhouse Omelet ($11.50) and California
Orange Salad ($12.95) entrees arrive. I dive into the omelet, wondering why my attempts at fusing peppers, onions, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, herbs and egg whites has never turned out nearly as good as this. In fact, I'd given up on egg white omelets all together; I usually find them flavorless with a displeasing texture. The only hint that the yolks were "missing" from this dynamic spread was the white color.

At this point I was quite full, but I'm a sucker for perfectly-prepared veggies. I even made room for the fresh fruit (today it was a mix of strawberries and pineapple) served alongside. Meanwhile, Jeanna was having her way with the California Orange Salad. Featuring mixed greens, chicken breast, mandarin oranges, avocado, raisins, green onions, blue cheese, apples, candied pecans and San Pasqual dressing, the salad was a beauty to behold. Not traditionally a breakfast dish, we none the less reveled in the contrast between sweet and savory.

"Your kids would eat anything you poured this dressing on," said Jeanna. "It's light, a little sweet, tangy and ridiculously good." Before we left, she purchased four bottles of the gluten-free dressing.

As we savored the last bites of our meal, we took in the ambience. Marston's is well appointed - comfortable and not the slightest bit stuffy. "We should come here every week for breakfast; chat and get a little work done," Jeanna suggests. She's not alone in her thinking. It's obvious that a few tables are filled with business folk doing business things. But most of the diners are doing just that; dining. Across the room we hear peals of laughter coming from a table of six women. "We should hang out with them!," says my companion. "They've gotten into the champagne!"

Which brings us to the bar. After a quick peek we reconsider our weekly-breakfast plan. "Or we could do happy hour," I suggest. Jeanna nods in agreement and Jim seals the deal when he tells us about Marston's happy hour specials, which run from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Appetizers start at $4. Wine and draft beer are $4.
Marston's Restaurant is located at 24011 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia's Bridgeport Marketplace; 253-9910
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