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Mission Valley Bank

Phone: 661-775-4112
Fax: 661-775-4180

Categories: Bank

Meet us on the Inside
Tamara Gurney with Cameron & Tayia of Carousel Ranch
Tamara Gurney with Cameron & Tayia of Carousel Ranch
photography by Ted Dayton

President/CEO: Tamara Gurney

What is one of the greatest services your company offers? Financial advice and expertise. Often, a client will come into the bank requesting a certain type of financing or deposit account, or maybe they simply don't know exactly what they need. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their needs so that we can provide the best solution for them. At Mission Valley Bank you will never find a "product promotion" or a "product of the week." Here it's never about selling something to meet a goal. We are committed to adding value to every client relationship. If we can't, we'll tell you.

Your commitment to the community is obvious. Tell us about your role with Carousel Ranch. Initially, our role with Carousel Ranch came about through a loan request. Working together creatively, Mission Valley Bank was able to put together a financing structure that allowed them to acquire an amazing piece of property on which to relocate and expand their operations. During that process, we saw first hand the incredible work Carousel Ranch does and the huge impact they have on so many people. As a result, we have been the proud presenting sponsor of Heart of the West for the last three years.

What is the mission of your bank, and how does that translate to your clients' experiences? Our mission is Making Financial Dreams Come True. Achieving that vision is all about building relationships - that begins with truly caring, and really great people. We start by asking ourselves, "If we could do this, how would we?" This kind of thinking opens up the possibilities, expanding our thinking to find new ideas and ways of doing things. From start ups to succession planning, the many success stories are heartwarming for everyone!

What would we never guess? Perhaps that Mission Valley Bank was the dream of a small group of entrepreneurs who started out in the planning stages in an airport hangar and opened for business in a triple wide trailer. Maybe that's why we understand our clients so well.

For more information on Mission Valley Bank, call 775-4100 or visit
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