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Suburban Chateau

Phone: 805-796-0809

Categories: Furniture, Furniture - Bedroom, Home Decor, Home Improvement

Meet Us on the Inside
Kathy Goldstein
Kathy Goldstein
Owner: Kathy Goldstein
Sidekick: Debbie Quinn

How did you determine the name of your business? Well, we live in the suburbs and thought "chateau" was a very unique and sophisticated way of saying "home."

What inspired you to enter the home furniture and decor field? I was tired of paying high prices for furniture and getting horrible quality for a horrible price. I wanted to offer moms just like me a good price for quality furniture.

What's the coolest aspect of what you do? The coolest aspect of my business is that we are in a warehouse location with limited hours to keep our overhead very low.

What's amazing about Suburban Chateau? The most amazing aspect of my business is that you can order anything custom to fit your space for a great price. Our upholstery lines tailor everything to meet your needs, including size, depth, fabric and choices. We also offer a wide selection of hard goods so that every home is unique and different.

What does the future hold for you? My company has been around for five years. We've furnished many homes in the SCV and have been very successful. We also offer services for in-home consultation. We love to give home owners lots of choices. We plan to be open more days this fall to give customers more of an opportunity to come check us out.

What's unique about your store? What I feel is unique about my business is that we offer great prices and selection on a Santa Clarita mom's budget.

What's one thing we might never guess? One thing no one knows about me is that prior to starting my business and having kids, I worked in the operating room cutting and sewing people up!

For more information on Suburban Chateau call 775-2980 or visit
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