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Garrett Markenson Coiffure
23920 Summerhill Lane
Valencia, California  91354

Phone: 297-2900

Categories: Hair Salon / Spa

Meet Us on the Inside
Garrett Markenson
Garrett Markenson
Owner: Garrett Markenson

How would you describe your work?
The organic and natural material of hair must be approached with a strong foundation in art and design. We make a commitment to produce tailored cuts, colors and products that create movement and enhance texture, and are constructed to suit each individual.

What is your underlying philosophy?
With the philosophy of maintaining the integrity of the hair and suitability to the client, hair can transcend the individual and draw forth the beauty from within.

What is your ultimate goal?
To be in the moment with my clients, to listen to them and inspire them.

What inspires you?
Art, fashion, music, culture and my clients.

What do you have in mind when you're designing a look?
My client's lifestyle and their daily agenda; how much time do they spend on their hair? I also consider their texture of hair and the facial bone structure.

How can a person's hair affect their look?
The hair, overall, needs to be your strongest accessory. The way the hair frames the face is everything.

What's the coolest aspect of your business?
My talented and professional team believes in what I stand for. They continue every day to exceed my expectations, which inspires me. Our team is committed to advanced education and providing our clients with the most forward styles.

What does the future hold for your company?
We have launched our own product that we manufacture in the USA. The Garrett Markenson Reverie line is made up of a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. This fall, we will release additional products to the line.
For more information on Garrett Markenson Coiffure, call 297-2900 or visit
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