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What A Difference The Right Lawyer Makes
August, 2015 - Issue #130
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I'm regularly asked: "Do I really need a lawyer? The insurance company says that they'll work with me directly." In these circumstances, I try to remind the person I'm speaking to that the insurance company has a vested interest in giving them the "least" of everything. These are multi-billion-dollar companies that have one driving purpose: to increase profits. Giving you what you deserve goes against that drive. Here are two recent cases that I share with potential clients when the question about "really needing a lawyer" comes up.

Premises Liability:
Settlement for $285,000

Our client was injured in a slip and fall accident in a major national retail store. The store denied liability for the accident. Our client tried handling her own claim and the insurance company offered her $100. She hired an attorney who was able to get the insurance company to increase its offer to $2,500. She fired her first attorney and hired our firm. After three years of work and extensive discovery, depositions and experts, we successfully settled the case shortly before trial for $285,000.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident:
Settlement for $1,000,000

Our client's adult son was killed in a head-on accident while driving his motorcycle on a windy canyon road. The other party stated that our client was on the wrong side of the road and a witness also stated that our client was on the wrong side of the road. The police report concluded our client was on the wrong side of the road. Two attorneys rejected the case before the family hired our firm. We conducted an extensive informal accident reconstruction, scene investigation and re-interviewed the witness and consulted with a motorcycle accident expert. We successfully settled the case for the other party's insurance policy limit of $1,000,000.

In the end, the important thing to remember is that a consultation with a personal injury attorney should be free. You have nothing to lose by sharing your facts with a legal professional and everything to gain. If you've been injured, there's no reason you should have to manage your recovery while simultaneously fighting a mega-corporation. We can battle on your behalf while you focus on healing physically and emotionally.
Gerald L. Marcus is the lead attorney and proprietor of The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus. 296-2992
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