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April, 2017 - Issue #150
Protecting your Children's Future
From booster seats to lead-filled toys and countless other products, there are always new recalls for products that pose a safety threat to children. If your child has been injured by slipping out of their defective car seat or by chewing on a toxic toy, you should take immediate action to notify a lawyer and other respective authorities. Taking swift action could be the key difference in protecting the lives of other children and preserving the evidence you need to file a personal injury claim.

As a parent, there are many things that you can do to further ensure the safety of your child in and around the home. According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, an average of seven children per day are treated in emergency rooms for injuries due to contact with electrical outlets. By taking simple measures such as covering the electrical outlets, putting sharp objects out of reach, padding sharp corners and edges and storing toxic chemicals out of reach, you can help protect the safety and wellbeing of your children. When an injury does happen, work with an aggressive legal team to learn about your options.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

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Cobblestone Cottage Celebrates 30 Years in Business with $3,000 Giveaway
Cobblestone Cottage is gifting three $1,000 donations to local non-profit organizations that support women and/or children - and you can help choose which group gets the cash! Visit the store in April and vote for your favorite. You can vote more than once, but only one time each day. 253-0209

Valencia Acura
Valencia Acura
Acura Earns 5-Year Cost to Own Luxury Brand Award
When purchasing or leasing a vehicle, there are factors beyond style, price and performance to consider. There's the cost of vehicle ownership - cost of fuel, financing, insurance, depreciation and scheduled maintenance and repairs - that should factor into a purchase decision.

For the second year in a row, Acura earned the prestigious 5-Year Cost to Own Luxury Brand award presented by Kelley Blue Book. The honor highlights vehicles with the lowest projected ownership costs based on Kelley Blue Book's 5-Year Cost to Own data for new cars in the initial five-year ownership period.

In addition to winning the overall luxury brand award, the Acura lineup placed first or second in more than half of the seven total 5-Year Cost to Own factors, which include the upfront cost of the vehicle, depreciation, finance and insurance fees, expected fuel costs, maintenance and repair costs and state fees.

According to Kelley Blue Book, while value and luxury are often seen as mutually exclusive concepts, much of Acura's appeal can be attributed to the fact that it delivers both. Further, Acura models are priced lower than segment alternatives from competitive brands. They also hold their value incredibly well.

"If you're looking for the prestige and tradition that distinguish European luxury brands, you're going to have to pony up. But if you're instead more interested in the practical advantages of a premium-priced vehicle - a quieter cabin, more comfortable seats, higher-quality interior appointments and such - Acura delivers for less," Kelley Blue Book states. "A reputation for trouble-free, low-cost ownership is another key draw. Combined with the typically-superior dealership experience, warranty and fringe benefits that further differentiate the luxury segment nowadays, it's clear that Acura delivers serious bang for the buck." First introduced in 1987, the exceptional quality and reliability of Acura products now leads the luxury market. Today, most of Acura's lineup is engineered and manufactured in North America.
Celebrating 20 years of friendship, Valencia Acura is now one of Acura's highest-ranking dealerships in customer satisfaction and one of the highest in the nation for customer loyalty. 255-3000

Build Loyalty, Business with Off-site Events
When you're ready to impress, so is Valencia Country Club - one of Los Angeles County's favorite corporate event locations. Why choose VCC for your sales training meetings, networking events and awards galas? Because the combination of luxury and value can't be beat. VCC's professional event staff make your job easy and provide every necessary element to make your experience exceptional for you and your guests. Take advantage of their gourmet menu options, flexible location selections, value-oriented packages and much more.
Valencia Country Club 799-1263

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courtesy of Shutterstock
So You Want to Retire Outside the US? Here are some Rules to Follow
Many Americans have made up their mind to retire to a foreign country; sometimes it has been part of the plan from the very beginning and other times it is an idea that has been years in the making.

Here are some of the things to consider when making the move. First, are you going to have friends in the new place? If you are someone that can make friends easily, then this may not be a big deal. However, if your friends, family and social infrastructure are left behind, then the glamour of beaches and low-cost living can be a temporary benefit. Consider living in an "ex-pat" community - a town or city that has a majority of foreigners, usually from the USA, Canada and Great Britain. Familiar faces and languages can help offset the lack of old friends.

The cost and coverage of your health care can be much lower in another country. We have many clients who live in other countries and return to the USA for certain medical procedures, yet purchase their medications in their new home. Some health insurance plans actually can cover certain care outside the USA either directly or through reimbursements. Make sure your new home has the best medical care you can find.

Consider the rights of property ownership and new banking laws. Many countries do not allow non-citizens to purchase certain types of property or homes on or near bodies of water or national borders. If you are buying a new home, make sure to use attorneys and title companies that are reputable. This can help you avoid confiscation and other "violations."

The banking laws are also something to consider. If you have a direct deposit from your pension, social security or other retirement accounts, make sure it is in a bank that has the security and protection you want. If you then transfer from there to your new "in-country" bank account, then you may be fine. Many banks are private and are like any other company - they can go out of business and take your money. Retiring outside the USA may save you in taxes and living expenses, and with the right preparation you can love this next phase of your life.
Arif Halaby is a certified estate planner and president/CEO of Total Financial Solutions, Inc. 753-9683

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What is an Estate Plan vs. a Trust vs. a Will?
You have probably heard a lot of terminology regarding estate planning, trusts and wills - but might not be sure what the difference between these documents is and what you should actually have in place. Do you need a will, a trust or an estate plan? What's the difference and what's right for you and your family?

An estate plan is an all-encompassing phrase and within an estate plan are usually four separate, related documents working together to form that plan. These are a trust, a will, a power of attorney and an advance health care directive. When you add other important supplemental documents to these four main documents, this makes up your estate plan.

In an estate plan, the trust is considered the main document that is supplemented by the others. A person can have a will by itself, without a trust, but one downside of a standalone will is that it has to go through the expensive, time-consuming court process of probate if the will creator passes away and owns a home or assets worth $150,000 or more. On the other hand, in these same circumstances a properly-created trust will avoid probate, which is why most people decide on a trust over a will.
If you'd like to learn more about wills, trusts or avoiding probate, reach out to an expert.
Edward O'Hare, Esq. of O'Hare Law, 284-5000

Choose a Caring Career
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