Mind Your Own Business
December, 2017 - Issue #159
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A First-hand Account Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney
"Dear Gerry: I was referred to you after my automobile accident. That was the darkest time in my life. I was lost after the accident and a friend suggested that I talk to you. You and your staff were very supportive and knowledgeable. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years but I did not know who to go to for help. Most doctors do not know how to treat patients involved in an accident. You walked me through the first steps to healing and referred me to medical professionals who could meet my needs. As a healthcare professional, I believe I have a unique perspective on medical care. I felt I was given a first class work-up and physical therapy geared toward my pain and strength issues. This allowed me to return to work. I was treated with dignity and compassion. You did much more than provide me with excellent medical referrals. You protected me from the assaults of the defendant's insurance company. It was quite an experience to see how the insurance company attacks the victim. I don't know what I would have done without you on my side. You anticipated their moves and I felt insulated from their machinations. I am awed by the settlement amount you negotiated for me. I wish everyone could have the benefit of you as his or her advocate. I pray for you and your family daily." Kay
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology, pictured here with Matt Nelson, chief executive officer of Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley.
Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology, pictured here with Matt Nelson, chief executive officer of Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley.
Nola Aronson Celebrates 30 Years in Business
On November 2, Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology celebrated 30 years of business in the Santa Clarita Valley. The celebration was done in style and attended by over 400 members of the community who have each played an important role in creating a business that has lasted through three decades.

The room was filled with chatter as patients, non-profits and dignitaries mingled over drinks and a meal. Later in the afternoon, the microphone was open for people to speak; multiple non-profit executives spoke about what they do and the importance of sponsorships to their organizations. Nola firmly believes in supporting our community - because the community is what has made Advanced Audiology what it is today.
The celebration provided a great way for Nola and the staff to receive updates on what's going on in their patients' lives. Patients are the backbone of Advanced Audiology and they are the reason that the company has been successful for 30 years; through it all, Advanced Audiology has remained committed to helping people hear.
Advanced Audiology 425-9330

A Special Note of Congratulations from the Publishers
to Nola Aronson for 30 Years of Service in the SCV

There are few people who inspire us as much as Nola Aronson, owner of Advanced Audiology. An innovative entrepreneur, Nola balances philanthropy with business smarts, premier service with affordability. She runs her business ethically, and just as importantly, she runs it with heart. Her passion for helping people hear motivates so many to find their own. In the last three decades, Nola has grown Advanced Audiology's reach through Santa Clarita and beyond, bringing signature caring and compassionate service - and the most high-tech hearing solutions you'll find anywhere - to the people who need it the most. We are so grateful to partner with this groundbreaker - and honored to call her our friend. Congratulations on 30 years, Nola!

Yes, You do have an Estate
Here's How to Protect It

"I don't actually have an estate, so I don't need an estate plan."
It's a popular belief that unless you have millions or bajillions of dollars, you don't have an estate. It's common for people to say, "Estate Planning isn't something I need; I don't have an estate."

But you actually do have an estate - and here is why. In the United States, your estate consists of everything you own when you pass away, including your home, your personal property inside your home, bank accounts, investments, retirement plans and business interests. Most people own at least some or all of those types of assets, but even if you own just one, the laws that we abide by consider that to be your estate.

"Ok. I do have an estate then. So now what? I guess I'm supposed to do something about it now?"

If you pass away without an estate plan - a will or living trust - California law will determine how most of your property is distributed. But here's the catch - it may not be how you want. Based on your unique situation, your property may go to family members you don't want receiving it, or it might go to family members who aren't old enough and wouldn't be served well by receiving your property now - if they're just turning 18, for example. Perhaps worst of all, when the courts are the ones figuring out what to do with your property from scratch it costs an extreme amount of money. You can make sure none of this happens by creating your estate plan now. In your estate plan you will indicate exactly how you want your property treated, you'll keep important decisions out of the courts, support the people that mean the most to you, and save time, money and stress for you and your loved ones.
Edward O'Hare of O'Hare Law 284-5000
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