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February, 2018 - Issue #161
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What to Consider when Injured by a Distracted Driver
When a driver is distracted, his or her attention is on something other than the road, traffic flow and traffic signals. Driving requires a driver's full attention if he or she is to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. This includes three key elements: visual attention, mental attention and the driver's hands and feet in the proper positions to drive the vehicle. If one of these is absent, an accident is likely to occur.

Distracted driving takes on many forms: talking on the phone, texting while driving, eating, drinking, smoking, lighting a cigarette, talking to a passenger, looking at an in-vehicle navigation system - even shaving or applying makeup. If you drive a lot, you probably see other drivers doing these things all the time. They are dangerous and place everyone on the road at risk.

If you've been injured in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver, talk to an experienced attorney about your options for complete financial compensation. A lawyer can help you seek the level of compensation that will be necessary to cover all of your medical care, ongoing medical expenses, lost earnings, property damage and possibly much more.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

Douglas Furniture Celebrates 43 Years in the SCV
Douglas Furniture, the family owned and operated mainstay in Newhall, is celebrating 43 years in business in 2018.

The company, which specializes in offering exceptional-quality living room, dining room, bedroom, office, entertainment and outdoor furniture at discount prices, has played a vital role in the development of SCV homes - and our town.

Known for selling heirloom-quality furniture with personalized service to match, Douglas Furniture has cultivated a reputation of excellence in the four decades they've called Santa Clarita home. As franchises and chains continue to take over mom-and-pop furniture shops, Douglas Furniture has thrived as a one-of-a-kind store.

In fact, clients hail not just from Santa Clarita but from all over Southern California. It's not unusual to find a client from Long Beach, Ventura or Mission Viejo exploring the vast collection of quality goods in the recently-renovated showroom. Clients brave the 405 because it's worth it! You won't find a more educated staff than those at Douglas Furniture, which also employs a gifted interior designer to assist you in your selections.

The authorized dealer of coveted brands like Bradington Young, Hancock and Moore, Century Furniture, Kincaid Furniture, Lexington Furniture and more is also well known for one very patriotic reason: the majority of their offerings are proudly made in the United States of America.
Visit Douglas Furniture in Newhall today to enjoy store-wide savings in honor of their anniversary. 255-8366

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The Home Buying Business in 2018
Have the words "investment property" stumbled from your lips lately? If you're in the market to "buy low and sell high" after you put in some elbow grease, or hope to find a value property to turn into an income-producing rental, you really should work with an experienced, well-resourced Realtor who can identify smart properties that fit your goals. There's money to be made in 2018 - whether you're looking for a home to flip or a rental property. The key is to recognize an investment - or a money pit. Your Realtor can share micro-trends for particular neighborhoods and, while none of us have a crystal ball, let you know what kind of price you can expect to command once your new property is polished and pretty. Looking for a steal for yourself in the New Year - and ready to sell your own home? They're out there, too - but with a shortage of houses on the market, it takes a deeply-engaged Realtor to connect you to the best values before they're snatched up, all while negotiating the best price for the home you have now. It's a balancing act to be sure - and one that is best trusted to a Realtor with the connections in place to make it happen.
RE/MAX of Valencia & Santa Clarita 702-4500

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Real-world Reactions to the Estate Planning Process
by Edward O'Hare
It's incredibly common for human beings to put off what they find confusing, intimidating or troubling... and when it comes to planning for when they're gone, the process can feel like "all of the above." The key thing to remember is that knowledge really is power - so take comfort in knowing that the vast majority of estate plans can be completed in only two one-hour appointments - and for a lot less money than you probably think.
One of the best parts of my practice is hearing from my clients after we've finished their plan. The relief they feel is palpable - because they no longer have the "what if's" lingering in their minds. Here are a few reactions from Santa Clarita residents that have recently been shared with me on popular review sites. The theme is clear: Planning can be very simple... and you feel amazing when you're done!

"He truly made something that honestly felt rather daunting to me a very educational and straightforward process."

"It was so nice to have Ed go through all of the different points within the Trust. He is very thorough. We left feeling very confident that everything is taken care of - and will be for years to come."

"When I met with him to talk about doing my estate, I felt I was at a therapist's office - his voice was extremely calming and put me at ease. He was very professional and asked questions that I had never thought about. But, I got my estate done, and I feel a ton has been lifted off my shoulders."

"What I thought was going to be such an overwhelming and grueling ordeal ended up being so easy and understandable thanks to Edward's amazing approach. The process was smooth and effortless."
O'Hare Law, PC 284-5000
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