Mind Your Own Business
August, 2018 - Issue #167
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Faster, Smarter, Better Books
Maybe you sell candles, social-media services or pet grooming - and you're good at it, too. You went to school or studied your industry and you provide a much-valued product to your customers. But what happens when tax time rolls around, or you want to hire an employee or you become so busy, your books start going... bust? That's when you hire a professional who's just as skilled as you are, except in accounting. "A la carte," as-needed accounting services are the bread and butter of RM Business Solutions. They manage the money side of your business so that you can focus on growth and development. Whether you need help getting bills paid, timely invoicing, employee withholding, annual tax filing, payroll, bank and credit card reconciliations and so much more (Including setting up a new business from the start!), R&M Business Solutions gives you the confidence to focus on what you do best.
RM Business Solutions 296-1000

Need Help With IRS Problems?
3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Professional
Now that the tax filing season is over, small-business owners who owe the IRS are now starting to receive the dreaded tax bill. If your tax issues require the help of a tax professional, it is important to conduct your "due diligence" on the firm you are considering. Here are three questions that might be helpful.

Are you licensed to be providing me tax advice? Many tax resolution firms use unlicensed sales personnel to sell their services. These sales people do not possess the professional knowledge to be advising you on your tax matters, nor are they legally allowed to do so. So beware and know the qualifications of the person you are speaking with.

What exactly does your fee include? Many companies are notorious for re-billing clients for work that either doesn't need to be done, was excessively billed for originally or that should have been included in the original fee quote. Get everything in writing whether you're agreeing to an hourly or flat-fee rate.

Are you the actual person who will be representing me? If not, who is? Be sure to confirm that the person who is handling your case is licensed to practice before the IRS. The IRS will not allow non-licensed representatives to negotiate for a taxpayer but you will be surprised how often large firms have unlicensed assistants doing actual IRS negotiation. Before signing a retainer agreement, make sure to see IRS Form 2848, Power of Attorney, which lists the name(s) of the people actually representing you.
Ray Bulaon is a debt and tax resolution attorney in Valencia who has helped more than 5,000 clients since 1998. RJB Law Offices, Inc. 228-4025

Make Boat Safety a Habit for Life
Boat accidents can occur in a variety of situations that include boats ranging from ocean-going commercial and cruise-line vessels to small recreational crafts. When referring to a motor vehicle accident we often refer to the "Rules of the Road" in order to determine what each person's responsibilities were regarding the safe operation of their vehicle. These rules are similar to the ones established by the Coast Guard and various state agencies, and outline the rules for safe boating. They include being weather wise, following a pre-departure checklist, using common sense, designating an assistant skipper, developing a float plan, making proper use of lifejackets, avoiding alcohol, learning to swim, taking a boating course and considering a free vessel safety check.

By following these basic safety outlines, boaters can avoid many of the common causes of accidents. If you or someone you love has been injured in a boat accident, the boat operator is responsible for filing an accident report and submitting the report to the applicable state agency, the Coast Guard, or both. If you have suffered injury or someone has been killed, you must report the accident within 48 hours of the accident. If the accident only caused property damage, the report must be filed within 10 days.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992
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