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October, 2018 - Issue #169
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SCV Water's First Year brings a New Home on the Web
It has been a year of firsts for water service in the SCV! Four entities joined together to form SCV Water - SCV's first regional water purveyor - now they have a new home on the web. Explore to learn about rebates and water saving tips, sign up for gardening classes and more.

Most importantly, you can manage your account and pay your bill online. If you were already using online bill pay or auto-pay before, you're ahead of the game - your information and settings carried over to the new site.

If you're still writing checks, try something new and set up online bill pay or auto-pay. Visit, click on "Customer Care" to select your division and then "Manage Your Account" and follow the prompts to enroll.

Remember, Customer Care is there to answer your questions and help you understand your water bill. Be sure to bookmark You'll find tips and tools you need to use water more efficiently.

The Real Cost of Drunk Driving Goes Beyond Injury & Loss
"Our SCV community has been touched by the effects of drunk driving in heartbreaking ways," says Gerald Marcus, a Super Lawyer with over 30 years experience in personal-injury law. "We've represented clients with catastrophic injuries, brain injuries, burns, spinal trauma, amputations, non-physical damages like loss of one's vehicle and, unfortunately, the most sorrowful deaths of loved ones. Our job is to help our clients put their lives back together after the worst happens."

Those who've been affected often struggle with not only the physical and emotional suffering that comes with an accident caused by drunk driving, but financial issues, too. "Families lose a breadwinner, or a young person now doesn't have a car to get to work. Many people get pushed to bankruptcy because they can't cover the medical bills. The injuries don't end when a bone heals or a loved one is buried. Every past-due bill is another affront, a reminder of what they've lost because of drunk driving," says Marcus.
What the community needs to know is that survivors or their families often don't have to live with the additional financial burden of this gross negligence. "Look: It's illegal to drive while intoxicated in the state of California," says Marcus. "But the ramifications of this horrible decision don't stop there. Not only are drunk drivers criminally liable, they can be held financially responsible for the damages caused to the victim. We go after insurance companies and more to make sure that our clients don't have to worry about losing their home or not getting necessary medical care because someone else made the selfish decision to do drugs or drink and then get behind the wheel. Our clients don't pay us a dime, ever, and we work to get them everything they deserve so that they can do their best to piece their life back together."
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

Why your Business Needs Workers' Comp Insurance
Ready to start a business? If you're going to have employees, you'll need quality Workers' Compensation insurance.

In the most simple sense, workers' compensation insurance provides financial coverage if one of your employees becomes injured or ill during their time on the job. It covers a whole host of expenses, which could include necessary medical care that correlates with the illness or injury; income replacement funds; possible retraining expenses; financial compensation for injuries that may be permanent; or even monetary benefits to the loved ones of an employee killed on the job.

Don't let insurance requirements like this deter you from starting or growing your business. Insurances like these are priceless when it comes to protecting all your hard work. The good news is that if a worker collects benefits from workers' compensation, they can't sue you, the employer - which means you don't have to worry about losing your business (Or your home!) because of one tragic error.

Workers' comp doesn't cover everyone who might be associated with your business, so pay attention to the fine print. Usually, most standard policies exclude coverage for the owners themselves, volunteers or unpaid "employees" who might be onsite because of an informal mentorship arrangement, as well as independent contractors.

Workers' compensation is just one of a number of insurance policies the average business should have to protect the owner and the business's assets. Confusing? It can be, without the right professional to guide you - so lock down a trusted professional and find out how to best protect all you've worked so hard to achieve.

Why your Business should Consider
Hosting Conference Events

Conference events are a growing area of opportunity for businesses small and large. If your company hasn't gotten into the conference game yet, here are some things to consider.

Hosting a conference will improve your credibility - and visibility. Looking to land that big client? Ready to make a real name for yourself in your industry? Hosting a conference, whether it's a lunchtime or multi-day event, is an instant kingmaker. You'll be seen by the competition and potential customers alike that you are serious about your field and are at the forefront of the newest developments. It'll also put you on the map; conferences are a great way to introduce yourself to new markets.

They can make you money. Whether your large multi-day conference includes outside vendor displays (Read: Income streams!), or you charge attendees to make a profit, conferences are a way to make good money - especially if you use them as an opportunity to upsell your products and services.

Conferences are the best opportunity for connection, education and engagement. Imagine having the chance to shake dozens of hands and build meaningful relationships with a client base that sees you as a qualified educator in your field. That kind of opportunity could translate to new projects, an expanded client base and mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Considering a conference? The conference specialists at Hyatt Regency Valencia have profit-building packages ranging from short sessions to multi-day, multi-stay events. Hyatt Regency Valencia 678-4085
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