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February, 2019 - Issue #173
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It's Raining, it's Pouring
Without Insurance, your Business Costs could be Soaring

It seems like for each social media post romanticizing SCV's winter weather, there's another that reminds us: calamity is only one wind/rain/snow storm away. Leaking roofs, flooded basements, downed trees and more can make a massive dent in your business's productivity and profitability. Your small-business nightmare scenario can happen at any time - which is why having sufficient insurance coverage is crucial. Now's a great reminder to obtain and maintain proper insurance coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about creating a well-planned business insurance policy that can help to repair or replace damaged or destroyed equipment after a covered loss. And - keep good records. Through your insurance company, you may be able to expedite the claims process if you've kept an up-to-date inventory of your business equipment. Remember to include leased equipment that is not specifically insured by the leasing company. Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We still could have some late-winter/early-spring storms hit. After you get your insurance taken care of, examine your business site for loose roof tiles, clogged gutters, poorly-working drains and other elements that could make for an expensive, stressful disaster.

"I'm extremely PROUD to celebrate this anniversary and grateful to all of our dedicated and loyal customers and amazing employees I've been fortunate to work with!"
Owner Cory Larocca-Peterson
Peterson Printing Celebrates
25 Years of Serving Santa Clarita

Peterson Printing marks its 25th anniversary on March 6, 2019! This Valencia-based company first opened its doors on March 6, 1994 at a storefront location in the River Oaks Shopping Center as AlphaGraphics. In 2008, they changed the name to Peterson Printing and in 2009 relocated to Smyth Drive.
While it's line of products, services, name and location has changed over the years, Peterson Printing's mission remains the same. As a family-owned and operated business, they have learned to take care of their customers. "We are not just an ordinary one-stop print shop, we are your print shop," says Owner Cory Larocca-Peterson. "You call us - we answer, you ask us - we deliver. We know your name, history, your projects, sometimes even your family. At Peterson Printing, we care and it shows. We feel that we have moved beyond simply selling printed paper," Larocca-Peterson explains. "By offering our clients economical solutions to their printing needs, we like to think we are instead working as a partner to help them grow their businesses, rather than acting merely as a vendor supplying them with a product."

In addition to traditional printed products, they also offer the latest digital technology. Peterson Printing can provide you with a variety of printing and business solutions for your professional or personal needs, from business cards, stationary, postcards, presentation folders, carbonless forms, newsletters, catalogs, banners, posters, custom invitations and online ordering.
"We are always supporting and helping local businesses grow, so we hope you think of us, not the faceless online chain when it's time to print your next job. Ink local!" says Larocca-Peterson.
Peterson Printing 255-2846

The Peterson Printing Team is a Family
Opened 25 years ago by Jim and Cheryl Larocca and daughter Cory Larocca-Peterson, Cory still runs the day-to-day operation of the business. Jim is still in the shop most days, while Cheryl "retired" to help care for her granddaughter, Lauren.
Treasured employees are family, too. Mark has worked at Peterson Printing for 22 years; Jaime, 15. They're real professionals who treat the company like their own. "During my battle with cancer, they kept the business running. During my nine-month absence, it was all on them - and they thrived. I
wouldn't be here without them," says Cory.

Meet Valencia Country Club's New Director of Membership
Yas Safai is a UCLA graduate with a business economics degree and minor in computer programming who's worked with the best: Rolls Royce, Equinox, SurfAir and more. But smarts alone aren't what lead her to the membership-development effort at Valencia Country Club. "I love, love, love golf!" says the Silicon Valley native. Late to the game, she's making up for lost time. "When I first hit a golf ball, it was a perfect swing. I then proceeded to completely miss it with my next 10! But that first swing got me hooked. Now I am incredibly passionate about growing the game. I've convinced so many of my girlfriends to start playing - and they love it, too. Introducing golf to hesitant wives and partners of members has been a big part of my role here at the Club. I want women to know that no matter their age or experience level, golf can be a way for them to get outdoors, connect socially and have a lot of fun in the process." When not on the course, Yas is rescuing and fostering shelter dogs - "A creature who can express that much love deserves it in return. My dream is to own a huge ranch that I could use as a refuge for rescues who are waiting to find their forever home," she shares - and serving as a support system to her mom, who's battling cancer for the third time.
Valencia Country Club 799-1271

Why Golf?
Valencia Country Club's Director of Membership Yas Safai has a deep passion for the game. Here's what keeps her on the course.

You get to spend time with friends, family and connections for two or four hours in the fresh air - no cell phones, no distractions. It's a very interactive game.

It doesn't matter what level you are. Because of the handicap index, the playing field levels. A beginner can play with a veteran and it's accessible to every age.

Golf can be social - or competitive, and you can do it all over the world.

It's the perfect metaphor for life. You're always going to have misses. Success comes when you assess your miss, come up with a plan, stay calm, are confident in your decision, have a clear focus, quiet the doubt and execute.

Dividing Assets in Divorce
Community property is divided equally among spouses in a divorce. Retirement assets have unique rules and the assets may take various forms and as such are subject to the specific rules of division that apply to the specific asset. The asset must be examined and various questions must be addressed, including: Is the asset fully matured and ready to be divided at this time? At what point did the asset vest? If the marriage occurred after the original retirement asset acquisition or vesting of one party, how much time was that spouse in the marriage?
In some cases, there are severe tax consequences and penalties for early liquidation. These are very broad points that are presented here simply as an overview. In order to equate the percentage and amount of the interest of the other spouse, the time-line equation is utilized. The number of years of marriage is divided by the total number of years of the retirement asset and divided by two. Each spouse gets their particular percentage of the final amount. This may not be as simple as it appears - there are many instances when the retirement asset might have begun prior to the marriage, and the spouse entered the marriage for a number of years, yet the asset-owner spouse may still be working in the job that may not become redeemable until years later. There are also certain assets that may be divided as part of the community estate, like deferred-compensation assets. These may include stock options, pension plans, government pensions, military pensions, social security, railroad retirement, IRA accounts, deferred compensation benefits, disability, life and other insurance.
To ensure that all these assets are divided in conformity with California law, contact
Certified Family Law Specialist Denise Placencio. 877-317-8080
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