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February, 2020 - Issue #185
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Injured on the Job? It Might be a Workers' Compensation Case or a Personal-injury Suit
Many people are injured on the job every year in California, and although some of these injuries will warrant workers' compensation, others will call for a personal injury or wrongful death claim. In cases where a worker is injured on the job because of an accident or a condition that developed over time through the performance of a certain job, workers compensation may be provided to help cover costs associated with the injury.

Other times, workers can be injured in accidents that resulted from a safety issue, equipment defect or equipment malfunction. If it can be determined that another party's negligence caused the injury on the job, the injured worker can file a personal injury claim against the responsible party to obtain compensation for medical expenses, doctor bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, for most cases of injuries sustained at work, the law provides that employees do not have the option to pursue a personal injury claim against their employer and, for those cases, workers' compensation is the only legal remedy for injuries. However, there are several exceptions to this rule.

In some instances where the employee at the workplace was injured because of an employer's intentional egregious conduct, that employee may have grounds for a personal-injury suit. This egregious conduct can also be known as gross negligence and means that the employer neglected their duty to provide a healthy, safe working environment for one or all employees.

Other exceptions to being restricted to a workers' compensation claim include defective or dangerous products that caused injury. If an employee was injured by defective equipment at work, they may have grounds to pursue legal action against the manufacturer of the product through a products liability suit. If the injury was due to a failure in installing or maintaining the equipment, the fault lies with the employer and the injury would fall under workers' compensation. Likewise, if the employee sustained injuries because of a toxic substance at work, they may be able to bring a suit of toxic tort against the manufacturer of that substance.

Lastly, if an employee was injured at work by a third party who is not covered under the employer's insurance, the employee has the right to pursue legal action against that individual. This would be carried out like any other civil dispute of personal injury outside of the workplace.

If you are unsure whether your injuries fall into any of the above mentioned exceptions, contact a personal injury attorney.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992
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New Year's Resolutions You'll Want to Keep
In 2020, do you want to be more organized and prepared for anything? These three quick to-do's will get you on track for the new year!

Revise your Home Inventory
Whether your list is neatly in your handwriting, done via video or organized and categorized in an Excel spreadsheet, when you account for your home's contents in as much detail as possible, you make it easier on yourself to file an insurance claim, should something devastating happen. Otherwise, the process could become overwhelming when you have the least time and emotional energy to deal with it.

Review your Life Insurance Policy
Your life insurance policy can pay off a mortgage, cover college costs, pay for childcare and much more. How much do you really need? Work with a professional insurance agent who understands life's ups and downs.

Download your Insurers' Apps
Having electronic proof of your car insurance makes it a lot easier to access the most updated information in the case of a traffic stop or accident. Better than digging into your glove compartment!
Wendy Collins of State Farm 296-2068

SCV Chamber of Commerce Announces 2019 Business Award Recipients
The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce announced their 2019 business award recipients that will be honored at the 97th Annual Awards & Installation Dinner on January 24. The Business Choice Awards nominations were open to the Chamber's membership and general business community to vote upon. Winners include:

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: Advanced Audiology
The Business of the Year award is presented to a business that has been a strong supporter for the SCV Chamber and the general business community through leadership and dedication to the mission and goals of the Chamber.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: Daniel Otto and David Rendall of The Old Town Junction
The Entrepreneurial Spirit award is presented to a person or a growing/developing business that has demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a positive attitude.
The final business award to be announced by the SCV Chamber will be the Lifetime Achievement Award. For a complete list of winners and for more info, log on.

SCV's Surface Busters Hosts Third-annual "Clean It Forward" Event
Surface Busters, based in Santa Clarita, is seeking nominations for the company's third-annual community-services project, "Clean It Forward." Surface Busters is putting their cleaning power where their heart is, offering the SCV community an opportunity to nominate a friend or organization in need for up to $3,000 worth of free hard-surface cleaning and restoration services. After you've nominated your favorites, be sure to vote online and share the good news on social media. You can nominate and vote by logging on.

A Royal Suite Home Furnishings Named National Retailer of the Year Finalist
A Royal Suite Home Furnishings was recognized as a 2019 Retailer of the Year finalist by the Home Furnishings Association this month, one of the most coveted and influential recognitions for retailers in the furniture industry.

Finalists, who ranged from large, national chains to local, family-owned retailers like A Royal Suite Home Furnishings, were nominated by their peers, manufacturers, vendors and furniture reps.

Sharron Bradley, CEO of the HFA, said many of the qualities of a successful furniture store are on display every day at A Royal Suite. "Here's a store that creates a unique, personalized shopping experience and is an integral part of its community. They're wonderful models for our industry."

The Retailer of the Year recognizes retailers who exhibit exceptional philanthropy, technology, customer experience, mentoring sustainability and store culture. Only 16 stores were recognized this year on a national level.

"It's a great honor to be recognized because we strive for brilliance every day," said Norb Moniz, owner of of A Royal Suite Home Furnishings. "This recognition confirms what we knew all along. We're giving our customers, our community and our staff the best shopping and working experience they'll find."
A Royal Suite Home Furnishings 259-7000
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