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May, 2020 - Issue #188
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SCV Chamber Rallies Business Community with Quick Response
As the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic were setting in and just prior to the "Safer At Home" order, the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce quickly pulled together a #SCVPROUD video to support the community. Working with SchlickArt Photography & Video Studios, the SCV Chamber rallied community leaders and elected officials to participate in a moving and lighthearted video to help bring our community together in the face of this global crisis. The SCV Chamber has been at the forefront of the crisis providing resources to the business community through webinars, email communications and social media. Our local Chamber moved quickly and shifted gears to provide the leadership and information dissemination needed. The #SCVPROUD video was just one part of their Rapid Response Communications Plan during one of the most challenging times faced by our local businesses. The Chamber has also sent personal messages to its members to check in on them, as well as providing an additional one month of membership to every member.

Navigating Crises with Calm yet Firm Action
by Denise Lite, Esq.

I have lived and worked in Santa Clarita for nearly a decade and have personally witnessed the strength of this great community who supported one another through the Sand and Tick fires, as well as earthquakes that ravaged our town. I watched locals come together and comfort each other after the tragic shooting at Saugus High. I have seen the amazing, and seemingly never-ending, financial support for hundreds of local charitable events that benefit our neighbors in need. I have had the honor of representing a legion of first responders - fire, sheriff, police and nurses - who tirelessly serve this community, placing their own safety at risk. Lastly, I have been awestruck by the technological advancements and growth at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

Santa Clarita is truly "awesome" and has proven nothing can keep it down.

Today, the COVID-19 crisis is making us all fighters. We will not give up and will continue to do what's right - just as before. I know this because I have spent my career finding peace amid crisis.

Since the day I graduated and started practicing Family Law, I've helped clients through the crisis of being served with divorce papers, or the shock of having your kids withheld from you. 'Crisis' is an everyday occurrence for me, and I have learned that crisis requires calm yet firm action - a plan, a roadmap for relief and the first steps toward your new normal. Crises are survivable if you take the correct precautions and actions.

That being said, most relationships don't come with a clear roadmap for emotional crisis. Couples aren't given a plan to avoid marital stressors in times of struggle. When couples experience health challenges, financial hardship or significant life changes, their marriage can be put in crisis mode, too.
If you find yourself in this particular form of crisis, please know that I do have the roadmap. I know the plan. I can help you take action - because, most importantly, I am here to help you. As a Certified Family Law Specialist, I have specialized knowledge to help you out of your situation.
Denise Lite, Attorney at Law and her firm utilize top-notch technology to stay beside you in the trenches while safely practicing social distancing. They remain in close communications with court staff to stay on top of your case at all times. 877-317-8080

"WE OFTEN HELP clients navigate crises as painlessly as possible, and that experience has taught me one thing for sure: Positivity is key because this too shall pass. When things are tough, however, it can be difficult to see the light ahead. That's where your State Farm agent can help. If you are currently facing financial burden, we're here to help make this new normal feel just a little more normal."
Wendy Collins State Farm 296-2068
If You Can't Pay All your Bills Due to Coronavirus
by Ray Bulaon, Esq.

As we face an unprecedented global pandemic that has forced the government to order an immediate lockdown of almost all businesses, millions of people are all of a sudden without a paycheck. While these are uncertain times, fear can be our worst enemy because it is often debilitating. That's why it is important to take care of your mental health as you strategize for tougher days ahead. How do you pay your bills when there's no money coming in? Who do you pay first? What will happen if you don't pay your bills, and what can creditors do?

First of all, please understand that this situation is new to everyone including all your creditors. So even banks and lenders were caught unprepared and don't have an answer to how they will respond to millions of people who are expected to default on their mortgages, cars, credit card and loan payments, etc. This is still a very fluid situation, and no one has a definitive answer.

From what I've seen so far, remedies under consideration include bans on evictions, foreclosures and utility shutoffs. Congress is considering laws that will allow people to have part or all of their student loans forgiven, discharged in bankruptcy or other types of relief as may be necessary to alleviate the burden. Tax filing day has been pushed back to July 15. The government is working on sending out stimulus checks to those who qualify.

The best advice I can give at this time is to prioritize your spending while taking care of your health and safety FIRST. Without your health, nothing really matters. No one knows what tomorrow brings, so deal with things as they happen.

If you have secured debts, those with collateral such as a mortgage or a car, these creditors can foreclose on your home or repossess your car without taking you to court first. During this time, it is important that you stay in touch with them. If you can't make your house or car payments, I recommend you call them and follow up with a letter that explains how you are affected by this virus crisis. Keep a copy to document everything.

Need more help? Attorney Ray Bulaon, Esq. is currently doing phone consultations until the lockdown order is lifted.
Ray Bulaon, Esq. of RJB Law Offices, Inc.
*None of the information herein is intended to give legal advice for any specific situation.

A Floor-to-Ceiling Makeover:
When a Fresh Start Requires Professional Janitorial Services

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, the office can quickly become a home away from home. While we're all staying safe inside, don't forget to show your office some TLC, too. Especially if your team is temporarily working remotely, take advantage of this time to scrub your space from top to bottom - ensuring a safe and healthy return to normal business when possible.

As a family-owned and operated company, Magic Maintenance understands the importance of having a clean business at all times. Their professional, expert janitorial services include: full-scale commercial janitorial services, construction and new build janitorial services, building maintenance, final cleans, window cleanings, carpet cleanings, night cleanings and even day porter services.
Magic Maintenance 259-3373
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SCV Water Protects Local Residents & Water Supply
While this is a challenging time for all, SCV Water is deeply committed to the safety of its customers, community and employees. The local water agency remains guided by its values and mission: to provide a reliable and safe drinking water supply at a reasonable cost. In doing so, SCV Water is taking the following steps: All late fees and service shut offs have been suspended through June 30, 2020, to protect those who are struggling from loss of income. All Customer Care lobbies are closed through April 30. Customers can pay their water bill online, by phone or at an external drop-box at your Customer Care location. Upcoming events have been canceled, including gardening classes and the Open House scheduled for May. All Board and Committee meetings are now conducted via teleconferencing, and SCV residents are still encouraged to participate. Simply visit their website and look for the instructions at the top of each agenda posting. Lastly, SCV Water wants to assure all local residents that the Santa Clarita Valley water supply is safe and will remain that way. COVID-19 has no impact on the quality or supply of your tap water. SCV Water uses advanced treatment processes to remove and kill viruses and will continue to meet all state and federal drinking water standards.

So stock up at the tap, not the store!
We're all in this together... even when we have to be apart.
Stay safe and healthy!

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How to Work from Home Like a Boss
Spoiler Alert: Video calls require pants, and staying focused on work is much harder when you're within arms reach of the fridge. We're quickly becoming all too familiar with the pitfalls of working from home. And while there are plenty of benefits - hello furry assistants, commuting to the next room and ice cream lunch breaks - working remotely has its challenges.
Here's a roundup of our best tips to keep you working like a boss:

First and foremost, designate a workspace but change it up if you feel stale.

With kids in the house, plan their work and entertainment ahead to make the most of working hours.

Take walking meetings to keep things fresh.

Over-communicate with superiors.

And for that pesky fridge, meal prep to avoid temptations all week long.

Now Hiring: Home Caregivers
As our community recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, we expect an increase in the need for services that support seniors at home. Visiting Angels is now hiring in anticipation of that need. The services our caregivers assist people with include errands, meal prep, light housekeeping and fall prevention, as well as some dressing, bathing and personal hygiene. We offer flexible schedules with shifts as short as four hours. We are currently conducting our interviews, orientations and training remotely via video conference for the protection of our employees. You can apply online at or email with questions.
Visiting Angels 263-2273

Business Succession Planning
Business succession planning is essential for any business owner because no company can survive without a capable leader and manager. Sudden retirement, illness or death could leave the business scrambling to find a replacement. For a small business owner, an event like that could leave the family without income.

The goal of business succession planning is to provide a smooth transition for the business. This may be to other family members, partners or completely new owners. A custom-made business succession plan will provide comfort to family members, employees, customers, investors and others that the business will continue to operate and thrive.

Business succession planning can be designed to fit any business model and should address the following issues:

Arrange for a transition to appropriate family members or partners.

Keep critical employees and co-owners.

Operate jointly with an estate plan.

Establish procedures to ensure sufficient cash flow or insurance.

Establish a means of valuing the business agreed upon by partners and others.

Implement a family employment plan for hiring guidelines, payment and supervision.

There are many other factors to consider based on your business, how it operates, your goals and family desires. That's why it's important to work with someone familiar with business, tax and estate planning laws.
Contact Yeager Law for any questions, comments or concerns relating to Business Succession Planning. 471-2177
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