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June, 2021 - Issue #200
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Swim Safe this Summer & Know your Rights
Here's a heartbreaking stat: Swimming pool accidents claim more than 1,000 children's lives each year and accidents in swimming pools account for more than one-third of all child fatalities. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths in children ages 14 and under, but even adults can suffer catastrophic injury or death as a result of swimming pool mishaps each year.
There are several reasons for why there are so many swimming pool accidents among children. A temporary lapse in supervision is a common factor in most drowning and near-drowning cases. A child can drown in a matter of seconds - in the time it takes to answer the phone - and there is often no splashing to warn of trouble. Children are also more at risk because they can drown in small quantities of water and are at risk in their own homes from wading pools, bathtubs, buckets and toilets as well as swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
The owners of private pools are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for children and adults. If you or a loved one has been injured in a private or public pool, you may be able to file a claim for damages against the owner/operator of the pool. The three main components of a valid claim against the owner or operator of a pool are negligence, causation and damages.
One of the important things to keep in mind after a swimming pool accident is that you must document the events and your injuries. If possible, write down the names, phone numbers and addresses of all potential witnesses. You should also take photographs of the accident scene from different angles, including pictures of any equipment that contributed to the accident. You should also obtain police reports from the incident and reports from the hospital room. The more information that you can get hold of, the better. Above all, you should contact a personal injury lawyer who you can trust to protect your rights.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

Boat Smarts
It is officially summertime and there is nothing like going out on the lake with friends or family to enjoy a boating day! But first, do you have the proper insurance coverage? Are you covered for liability or even water sports liability? Work with an agency that specializes in marine insurance from jet skis, yachts, ski boats, high performance and more - and follow some of the below safety tips to make for a fun and safe boating season!
Take a Boating Course New boaters and experienced experts alike need to be familiar with the boating "rules of the road." You'll learn how to conduct a vessel check or have a professional make sure the boat is properly functioning.
Never Drink & Drive Operating a boat while intoxicated is illegal. Nearly half of all boating accidents involve alcohol.
Safety First Make proper use of life jackets and ensure that there are enough life jackets for each person on board. Keep items on board like a medical kit for small emergencies, fire extinguisher, anchor and oar or paddle so you have backup if the engine breaks down.
Nick Rose Insurance 253-1131
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"It's nearly SUMMER - and most of us are itching to get out of the house after a year of hanging out locally. Stay smart, stay safe - and reevaluate your car insurance coverage before that road trip!"
Wendy Collins of State Farm 296-2068
When Passion Drives You, Anywhere is Possible
New Grads can Build Credit & More with Acura College Program
After graduation, keep going. Acura Financial Services recognizes the college graduates who are driven to work harder, go farther and make an impression. That is why Acura offers a $500 savings through the Acura College Graduate Program towards any 2021 or newer Acura vehicle - excluding NSX and PMC models - when financed or leased with Acura Financial Services. Acura acknowledges the accomplishments of graduates and looks forward to getting them into the right luxury vehicle while building credit for their future.
Offering flexible and competitive finance and lease packages, graduates may be offered the option to defer the first payment for 90 days - 60 days interest-free - available with traditional financing. Terms and conditions apply, so visit for details. Proceed with confidence - Valencia Acura has been awarded the Council of Sales Excellence by Acura Financial Services for 16 years.
Valencia Acura 255-3000

Are You Getting the Most from your 401(k)?
Your 401(k) is a great way to help build retirement savings. But how can you take full advantage of your plan?
First, contribute as much as you can afford each year. At a minimum, put in enough to earn your employer's matching contribution, if one is offered.
Also, consider the Roth 401(k) option, if one is available. You won't get an immediate tax break, as you would with a traditional 401(k), but withdrawals of your earnings and contributions will generally be tax-free. Consult with your tax advisor to determine the right 401(k) version for you.
Whichever 401(k) you choose, though, make sure the investment mix is appropriate for your goals and risk tolerance. Early in your career, you may want to invest more aggressively, but as you approach retirement, you might consider moving toward a more conservative portfolio.
One more suggestion: Try to avoid borrowing from your 401(k) or taking early withdrawals - you may incur taxes and penalties and have less money available for retirement.
Following these moves can help you ensure your 401(k) will be a key contributor to your retirement income.
Dwight Wolfe of Edward Jones 702-1866
This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor, member SIPC.

Benefits of Using A Trust
Many people believe they don't need a trust because they aren't wealthy or don't have complicated estates. That's misguided; this valuable estate planning tool is useful for a wide range of incomes, particularly middle-class homeowners. There are certain things that only a trust can do that cannot be replicated by any other document, including a will.
Probate avoidance. Probate is a costly and lengthy process, even when the family works together. A trust is the best way of avoiding probate while keeping you in control over your property for the remainder of your life, especially for real estate.
Privacy. A trust is a private document for your family and those you choose to give it to. There is no requirement to make it public to work.
Control beyond the grave. Trusts give their creators more control over disbursement than a standard will. Special instructions can be enacted to encourage certain goals, such as college graduation, or to avoid creditor claims. It can protect a beneficiary who makes poor financial decisions or has a greedy spouse. A surviving spouse can be given the ability to stay in a house for the remainder of their life while protecting the rights of children to inherit after death. Whatever your concerns are,
a well-drafted trust can be set up to reach your goals.
Law Attorney Michael Yeager 471-2177

The Law Protects Victims of Domestic Violence
You don't have to Live in Fear

Here's a sad fact: During the pandemic, rates of domestic abuse increased - a mark of shame on our society.
If you're one of every 20 people in the United States who are a victim of domestic violence, I want you to know that it doesn't have to be this way.
And before you question whether or not you are truly experiencing domestic violence - because it's common not to always "see it when you're in it" - it's important to note that California's domestic-violence laws protect victims from a variety of different types of abuse - not just physical. In our state, abuse can be emotional, psychological or verbal, too. Examples include controlling behaviors, threats of bodily injury, sexual abuse and much more.
You deserve to be safe. If you have kids, you deserve to know that they're safe, too.
If you or your child is a victim of domestic violence, you may be able to obtain a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) or Civil Harassment Restraining Order. These orders can help protect you - and often your children and others residing with you.
You don't have to live in fear. A DVRO or RO can provide you the legal protections to more-safely leave your abuser, protect your children with modified custody arrangements and put physical and legal distance between you.
The decision to file a DVRO or RO can feel overwhelming and difficult, especially when you're balancing your physical and emotional survival against the often-confusing aspects of the California court system.
Partnering with a family-law expert can help you navigate your filing and subsequent trial with confidence and comfort. Your legal team's goal is for you to sleep better at night - and safely. Don't hesitate to reach out to an expert. Life can be so much better when you have an order of protection.
Denise Lite, Esq. is a certified family law specialist with DaCorsi Placencio, PC, a client-focused, outcome-driven law firm. 877-317-8080
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