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June, 2022 - Issue #211
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Why Choose the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus?
There are many reasons to work with the award-winning Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, including personal and individual attention on your case. You'll also get help with medical bills and other expenses, have direct communication with your attorneys 24/7 and you'll pay absolutely nothing until they win for you.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus takes and wins cases other attorneys decline, call for support.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

Bri King Celebrates 19 Year Anniversary of Passing Real Estate License Test
19 years ago, Bri King passed her real estate license test at 18 years old - Back when the MLS was on DOS, the purchase contract was on triplicates, your contingencies expired with passive removal and texting wasn't a thing! The takeaway:
Be thoughtful with your kid's summer jobs - you never know what might inspire them!
Bri has since become a real estate broker and has been a party to more than 2,000 real estate transactions in her 23 year career.
When hiring a Realtor, remember to hire local. Santa Clarita agents like Bri provide only the best service for our city because they live here, too.
Bri King Real Estate Broker & Associates 433-4485

Valencia Acura Celebrates 25 Years of Friendship
Celebrating 25 years serving the community, Valencia Acura is a local, independent, family-owned car dealership. In 1997, owners Don and Cheri Fleming took the helm of Valencia Acura at a time when the dealership ranked dead last nationally in sales and customer satisfaction. Creating a car-buying experience based on infusing a culture of treating customers the way they would want to be treated, the couple turned the struggling dealership into one of Acura's top dealerships in sales, one of the highest ranking in customer satisfaction and one of the highest in the nation for sales penetration in a primary market area and customer loyalty.
As Santa Clarita's "Friendship Dealership" marks two and a half decades of ownership, Valencia Acura is proud of the accolades garnered along the way. They have received the prestigious Acura Precision Team status for 16 years, Acura's Council of Excellence Award from Acura Financial Services for 16 years,
JD Power Dealer of Excellence Award in 2019 and 2020 and "Best of SCV" awarded 17 years by readers of The Signal newspaper. Valencia Acura was honored to be recognized by the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce as "Medium Business of the Year" in 2001 and as "Large Business of the Year" in 2016. As dealer/principal, Cheri Fleming was awarded "Dealer of the Year" by Newsweek Magazine and the American International Automobile Dealer Association in 2006 based on Valencia Acura's business practices and community involvement.
Today, Valencia Acura is one of Acura's highest-ranking dealerships in customer satisfaction and one of the highest in the nation for customer loyalty.
Valencia Acura 255-3000

Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Named "People Grower of the Year"
Paul Davis Restoration is a national corporation with hundreds of PDR franchisees operating throughout North America. The company is deeply committed to client satisfaction and investing in employee development, so when the local
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita franchise was named "People Grower of the Year," it was quite an honor!
"People are our most important assets," says co-owner Joel Moss. "Investing in them is our way of showing gratitude and respect for their commitment to serving our community. Continued coaching and training is fundamental to our organization. We're thankful for the many opportunities we've been given, therefore we help our team to perform at the highest level and grow within our company, taking on more responsibility and reaching their income and professional goals."
Moss goes on to say, "Our company vision is to serve people in their time of need. We want to treat our clients with respect and not as if they are just a claim number."
Dick Vital, Morgan Freeman and even Snoop Dogg made "phone calls" in to the MC while their still images were displayed on the video screen at the awards ceremony gala during select presentations. Ron Burgundy, "The Anchorman," made a live appearance to assist co-host Artie Harris in making presentations, too.
The first in-person conference for PDR in three years was held on Amelia Island, Florida. This gala event put the wrap on four days of the National Paul Davis Restoration Conference. Besides owners Joel and Susan Moss earning a previously-unannounced, coveted title of "People Growers," many of their staff members also were recognized as "Best of the Best" including Maria Melikian, Gus Garcia and Adrian Sellers.
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

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Preparation is the Key to Success
Divorce requires a lot of time and energy and part of that time and energy is spent putting together required paperwork and gathering important documents with key information.
Because part of the early stages of divorce involves putting together a list of assets and debts, you should start preparing documents related to your finances. These documents can include the following specific statements: income tax documents, including tax returns, W-2s, and documents outlining other sources of income; bank statements; credit card statements; retirement account statements, including 401(k) statements and IRA statements; brokerage account statements; and documents detailing anything in digital wallets such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens.
Be advised that you can also prepare documents that detail information related to your spouse's finances. Many assets, such as cars or real estate, cannot be transferred to another party without the official paperwork proving ownership. You can gather these important documents in advance of a divorce and these documents may include the following: vehicle titles and registration, including cars, boats or other motor vehicles; real estate titles; and documents showing ownership of a collectible, piece of jewelry or other tangible assets.
If there is any debt attached to these assets, you should be prepared to disclose that information as well. The failure to list all assets and debts can lead to serious consequences.
Personal information documents may be needed at some point in the future. These documents may include the following: marriage certificate; birth certificates; and social security cards and driver's licenses or other proof of identification.
If you don't know where to begin, be sure to ask your legal team how you should best proceed. They are prepared to help you work through your divorce at any point in the process.
Denise Lite, Esq. 877-317-8080

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Importance of an Advanced Healthcare Directive (AHCD)
When most people think about estate planning, they think about wills and who will get their property after death. But with modern medicine, it is equally important to plan for incapacity. People can survive a medical episode that can leave them in an incapacitated state for months, years or even a decade or more.
An AHCD does several things that no other document does. Most notably, it designates a person to make healthcare decisions for you.This person also gets to decide where you will reside, whether it is to stay at home, with family or in a nursing home.
Your AHCD can also provide information about what sorts of treatment you do or do not want. It can even state whether you want to be kept alive when death is an inevitability and there is no hope of recovery. This will allow your agent and doctor to make decisions in line with your personal preferences.
Finally, an AHCD can state your funeral wishes. You can state whether you prefer cremation or burial. You can state what is to be done with your ashes. You can also state who is to be in charge of your funeral arrangements.
Overall, an AHCD is an essential part of a complete estate plan. It shouldn't be overlooked or taken for granted.
Law Attorney Michael Yeager 471-2177
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