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December, 2022 - Issue #216
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Holidays are an Opportunity to Discuss Estate Planning
The holidays are here. While the topic of estate planning may seem taboo, the holidays often present the opportune moment to discuss estate planning. While it may be awkward to initiate this discussion, it is an important one to have while everyone is well enough to participate.
There are a couple of ways to gently raise the topic. You can have a series of smaller conversations with other family members. Or you can discuss the death of a celebrity, friend or other family member and what they did right or wrong. Or you can bring up the topic by asking for advice on your own estate plan. There are many ways to bring up the topic but it needs to be done in an open and collaborative manner.
Remember that the goal of the discussion is not to take control away from anyone or answer every question. It is to determine whether an estate plan has been carefully considered, communicated to family and memorialized. Knowing whether a loved one has an effective estate plan can save a lot of stress and frustration during an emergency.
Law Attorney Michael Yeager 471-2177

Drive what You Love by Samuel Guiltner
I love to drive. The thrill of it has never left me. The introvert in me enjoys the solitude of my own space while the extrovert in me relishes the community of the highway.
The statement that I hear most from my clients is, "Samuel, I want to drive something I love." Even if you don't love to drive like I do, you want to love what you drive - and everyone loves the INFINITI QX60 Autograph.
This vehicle is custom fit for luxury and performance. The interior comes fully wrapped in real leather, with seats and dash displaying a beautiful diamond stitching. INFINITI boasts the most comfortable seats with patented zero-gravity technology. Yes, that's really a thing - and you'll love it. The displays are all digital and lack no modern tech; still, it's intuitive and easy to use. The Autograph is equipped with wireless Apple Carplay, wireless phone charger, Wi-Fi hotspot and even massaging driver and front passenger seats.
To the performance: INFINITI has gone away from the CVT transmission to the 9-speed transmission with 295 HP. The multiple driving modes and seamless acceleration allow for effortless transition through any type of traffic. The QX60 also has a new suspension and wider tires that make for a smoother, more comfortable ride. I know this first hand because I recently delivered one. The visibility is great and the acceleration is responsive. It's super comfortable, looks classy and performs and feels luxurious. The QX60 Autograph fully meets the requisites for a luxury SUV - but don't just take my word for it. I invite you to stop by and see for yourself. It would be my pleasure to take you for a drive!
Samuel Guiltner is sales manager at INFINITI of Valencia. 505-7800

Commercial or Residential Damage?
Here's Why You should Call Paul Davis Restoration First
Within minutes of your call, the Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita team will be on site and ready to work. Using industry-leading tools, training and experience, they'll stop and mitigate the damage. Working directly with your insurance company, the PDR team of certified professionals will restore your property while protecting your location. In no time, your property will be functioning again - and you'll be back in business, fast!
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

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Deep Breaths & Fresh Focus for this New Real Estate Market
by Kathy Watterson
My phone has been ringing off the hook.
"Kathy, rates have jumped through the 6s and into the 7s! Should I still sell? Should I try to buy? Help!"
First, deep breaths. I know this can feel overwhelming and confusing.
To start, let's look at the seller's side. If you're priced well in today's market, you absolutely can still command a high price. Why? Because inventory is still very, very low - and people who are committed to buying a home right now are willing to spend good money to get a house they love.
Now, to the buyer's points. Here's a common question: "Why buy at these rates - and when sale prices are still high?" There are lots of answers, but let's focus on why there's still high demand for well-positioned homes. First, and at the top of the list for current renters: stability. In an unstable market, the worry about landlords selling your home "out from under you" is real and unsettling.
Renters are looking to buy so that they can provide themselves and their families with the stability and predictability of homeownership. Some renters have also reported that their rents are being raised (Again!) in response to the rate increase.
And all buyers are drawn to the possibility of price appreciation, equity and tax benefits. The best time to buy or sell a home isn't about a market being hot or cold - it's about what's best for you and your family based on your unique circumstances. Want to talk it out with a professional who's seen markets like these multiple times over my 33 year career? Let's connect!
The Kathy Watterson Team 510-0321

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Making Holidays Happier for Children of Divorce
Who gets Christmas? Who gets New Year's? Thanksgiving? Can the kids go out of state during their holiday vacation?
There's no time like holiday time to rattle even the most agreeable co-parents, which is why my advice always is: Plan ahead and put it in the custody agreement with the court.
Here's why.
When stress levels and emotions are high, cognition - our ability to think clearly - is lower. If you wait until just weeks before the holidays hit, changes to plans and expectations will likely elicit big, negative reactions.
Plan ahead and file your plan with the court to ensure that each party's time with their children is legally protected.
As for who gets what: Some parents switch on and off every other year. Dad gets Thanksgiving and New Year's this year, Mom gets Christmas Eve and Christmas. It's swapped next year. Other parents split the days; the child has Christmas morning at Mom's and Christmas supper with Dad.
What matters is that the child feels supported and loved - never divided or the "cause" of friction between their parents.
Do it right and maybe you can be like a few of my clients. After the dust of acrimonious marriages and divorces settled, they realized that the best thing for the kids was for everyone to celebrate joyfully - together.
My holiday wish for you is that you find what works for your new family dynamic so that everyone has a blissful holiday season.
Denise Lite, Esq. 877-317-8080
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