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October, 2021 - Issue #204
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Plan Ahead Before Joining the "Great Resignation"
It's been called the "Great Resignation" - the large number of Americans voluntarily leaving their jobs because they think they've got better opportunities. If you're part of this movement, you'll want to take the needed steps to keep making progress toward your financial goals.
First of all, it might be to your advantage to have another job lined up before you quit your current one.
But if you don't have new employment in place, you might be able to rely, for a while at least, on income from your spouse or life partner. If possible, try to avoid tapping into your 401(k) from your previous employer.
If you've already established an emergency fund, you could dip into it. However, try to replenish it when you're earning money again.
Here's another suggestion: If you're going to work for yourself, don't wait too long before setting up a retirement plan, such as an "owner-only" 401(k) or a SEP or SIMPLE IRA.
If you're participating in the "Great Resignation," it means you're feeling positive about your future employment prospects - but you'll still want to prepare yourself financially.
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Injured on Someone's Property?
What You Need to Know AboutInadequate or Negligent Security
Negligent security, sometimes referred to as "inadequate security," is an issue of premises liability. Owners that are responsible for the well-being of visitors on their property include landlords, recreational facility owners, operators of nursing homes and building managers, to name a few.
For example, if an apartment renter was injured by a defect in their apartment, not only may the landlord be held liable, but in some cases the individuals responsible for the maintenance and care of those units may also be held responsible.
Since negligent security is an issue of premises liability, it is important to understand the framework for a successful premises liability claim. In order to file this type of case, you must be taking action against the correct individual or business. If the entity you are attempting to take action against does not actually own or operate the property, then the claim is not valid.
Secondly, the person injured on the property must have actually been allowed to be on the premises at the time the incident occurred. So if someone was trespassing on a property and then was injured, they would likely not be able to file a legitimate claim against the owner of the premises. In some cases, these claims may still be valid if there was not adequate posting that the property was to be trespassed on.
The third and arguably the most important aspect to any negligent security claim is proving negligence. Just because a person was injured while on someone else's property does not mean that they are automatically able to take action against the premises owner.
If a premises owner had a duty to provide security for their premises and that security failed to prevent danger that ultimately led to the injury of a premises invitee, then you may have a negligent security case on your hands.
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples
Not every family begins with a marriage. Many couples choose to remain unmarried for a variety of personal and legal reasons. Studies have shown that an increasing number of unmarried couples are living together in deeply-committed relationships. Estate planning for unmarried couples is far more critical than for married couples.Under the law, unmarried couples are treated no better than roommates. There is no consideration for the depth of commitment, promises to care for one another and even the presence of children. No rights exist to care for one another and inherit after death. In cases where the sick or deceased's family disapproves of the relationship, the surviving person can be shut out completely. Estate planning can ensure your loved one is able to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated and inherit from your estate. Properly-completed estate planning will give your loved one the powers they would expect to have if you were married. They will be included in any important medical and financial decision that needs to be made in your absence. Although the estate tax law favors married couples, there are several other planning and contractual options that could give the same or similar results. Make sure your significant other is protected.
Michael Yeager of Yeager Law 471-2177
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Business School: Learning from Local Leaders
"One piece of business advice I wish was shared more frequently: Focus on what you can do for your client, not what your client can do for you. 'I'm going on vacation, we should wrap this up by Friday,' 'I'm looking to grow my business - I think we'd make a great team,' etc. These ego-centered phrases tell clients that you're there for yourself, not to improve their lives or help them achieve their goals. Flip the script - and your mindset. Business people are here to serve, to provide excellent experiences and products, to give our customers value. Focus on what you can do for them, not the other way around."
Tom Swire, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Valencia 753-5555

Turning Over a Newleafby Paul Butler
Rightly or wrongly, the American troops pulled out of Afghanistan. Rightly or wrongly, more people are leaving California than coming in to make it their home. Rightly or wrongly, you may have left a job because of a boss, colleague or workplace culture you didn't quite care for.
I believe the Afghans needed the Americans to hold back evil. I believe a conservative voice in a left-tilted state is good for business. I believe you can be salt and light in a challenging work situation.
At work, be a force for good even if you're only an army of one. At work, seek inclusivity for your traditional values no matter how out of step they may seem in today's upside-down and shape-shifting culture.
Do your work to the best of your ability. Lead with integrity. Collaborate with care. Serve others well. Steward workplace resources as if they were your own. Manage time.
See, darkness only pervades when light diminishes: countries, states and workplaces need our light more now than ever.
Paul Butler is a Santa Clarita resident and a client partner with Newleaf Training and Development of Valencia.
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