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March, 2022 - Issue #208
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Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita
Celebrates 10 Years of being Difference Makers in SCV & Beyond

When you're an award-winning restoration and mitigation company in Southern California and you see that the services you provide are in desperate need on the other side of the country, you pack your team up and head to Louisiana.
That's what Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita co-owner Joel Moss did immediately after deadly Hurricane Laura. Together with PDR staff, Moss assisted dozens of homeowners, including Roger Seamons, who said:
"Paul Davis has been the epitome of professionalism during the demo/removal of debris etc. from our home after Hurricane Laura. Mr. Joel Moss, as well as his team, have not only been polite and caring, but have also shown extraordinary compassion during our time of need, especially with their utter respect for our personal belongings notwithstanding their condition. Mr. Moss has addressed any questions and/or concerns during their work very timely and with extreme professionalism. Thank you!"
That's just one of many reasons Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita's staff are "difference makers."
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita 310-0884

A First-hand Account of a Tough Injury Case
"I had an accident at an amusement park where I broke my leg in pieces and was on disability. I was turned down by other injury firms before I reached out to Mr. Gerald L. Marcus.
He got back to me right away - not an assistant, but him. He explained to me that my case was not an easy one but that he would fight for a fair settlement. He took care of everything, gave me an updated status periodically and kept me in the loop. He settled my case in less than a year and a half.
I would recommend his firm any time to family and friends. He's very professional and knowledgeable.
I am very thankful to the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus. God Bless you and your firm."
Ada Garcia via Google
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus 296-2992
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Five Steps to Spring Clean your Estate Plan
While a well-prepared estate plan doesn't need constant attention, it is a good idea to review it from time to time.
1. Review your Accounts.
Make sure your accounts are properly titled. If you aren't sure how an account is titled, or whether it should be in your trust, ask your attorney.
2. Review beneficiary designations.
Check the beneficiaries on your retirement accounts and insurance policies. Outdated beneficiary designations can foil an estate plan. If someone named as a beneficiary is deceased, disabled or a minor, consider naming your trust as beneficiary.
3. Review your agents.
Are the people you named to handle your financial and medical decisions the right people? Is everyone in the correct order? Would you like to have a change in your agents?
4. Review the house title.
Even if your house was placed in your trust initially, it can be taken out if you moved or refinance your home. It is always a good idea to check the title of your house annually to make sure it is properly titled.
5. Review your distribution plan.
Does the distribution scheme still reflect your wishes? Has a new child or grandchild been born? A distribution plan can be problematic if left out-of-date.
Law Attorney Michael Yeager 471-2177

Get Paid to be an Angel for Seniors in Santa Clarita
Have you considered a part time job assisting seniors in your community? Visiting Angels is hiring people to assist seniors with activities such as meal preparation, errands and light housekeeping. You can earn money while making a difference! The pay rate is $17 an hour and most shifts are four hours. Visiting Angels offers a flexible schedule with full benefits available, including health insurance and 401K with matching funds. Call to learn more.
Visiting Angels 263-2273

Trying to Co-parent with a Bully by Denise Lite
Divorce and separation can bring out the worst in people. Add a high-conflict custody dispute to that mix and situations can turn volatile fast - especially when one of the parties is a bully.
I cannot emphasize this enough: You need a custody order on record with the court no matter how well you get along with your ex. It provides stability and consistency for your kids and confidence for both parents that their time with their child will be protected. Custody orders reduce the likelihood of conflict, not make more of it.
But if you already don't get along with your ex, there are a litany of other reasons you might want that custody order in place ASAP. Here's a big one: They're a bully.
If your ex shows up unannounced and demands to take your child during "your time," if your ex regularly extends their time without your consultation or agreement, if your ex travels with your child to places or for amounts of time that make you uncomfortable, if your ex threatens to take your child if you don't comply with a demand... You needed a custody order yesterday, friend.
Document every little thing - try to get things in writing whenever you can - and get a custody order now. Working with a lawyer who has years of experience winning against narcissists and bullies helps, too.
Denise Lite, Esq. is a certified family law specialist at DaCorsi Placencio, PC 877-317-8080
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