Now, more than Ever, your Injury Attorney Matters
August, 2020 - Issue #191
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"When my legal team told me the settlement amount for my case, I STARTED TO CRY. I was so taken back! I'm still in awe. This is my first accident I've ever been in with injuries - and so I really did not know what to expect. Thank you so much for always being so prompt in returning my phone calls and emails. I can't even begin to tell you what a financial blessing this will be to my husband and me. I missed over a month of pay and am still recovering from my ankle surgery. Thank you so much for your experience, expertise, kindness and patience with me. You're the best."
Debbie R.
"Maximum compensation."

It's a phrase that's often tossed around the offices of personal-injury attorneys, but in the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, it's what drives their team of experienced litigators to give every case the attention it needs for the benefit of the client.

It's a difference you notice immediately during your complimentary consultation. "We place a premium on honesty and transparency," says Gerald "Gerry" Marcus, Esq. "We work to educate our clients on expectations, processes and planning so that they are an engaged partner in their own success. We're all here for the same reason - to ensure that our clients are awarded with the maximum compensation they deserve so that they can put their lives back together after sustaining an injury."

With many households experiencing economic uncertainty, this is not the time to leave money on the proverbial table. "We're very aware that, right now, adding an unexpected injury to an already stressful time can be the thing that pushes a lot of people and families over the edge," says Marcus. "We make a promise to our clients to fight hard on their behalf so that they get every dime they deserve."

What Makes The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus Different
They're Personally Devoted to your Case
When you're in pain, the last thing you are able to do is manage your own injury case. Regular updates, warm demeanors and empathetic support are par for the course when you choose the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus. Socially-distant masked visits at your home or hospital room can be arranged if necessary - your convenience and comfort are Priority One.

The Office is Backed by Decades of Experience & Proven Results
With a large support staff, you can rest assured that your case will be exceptionally prepped and researched by the best in the field - and that means you can expect better-than-average results. "We've spent over 30 years developing a reputation for aggressive representation - when it comes to battling against insurance companies on behalf of our clients, we don't let up," says the award-winning lawyer. That tenacity is why The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus is responsible for millions of dollars in settlements for their clients.

Experience World-class Service on Contingency
Most of us can't afford the very best lawyer - they're reserved for the rich and famous. But in injury law, the fees can be based on contingency. That means that if your case doesn't result in a settlement, you don't pay a dime. It doesn't matter what your income is - if you have a qualifying case, you can have exceptional, world-class representation - at no up-front cost to you. If you do win, standard contingency rates then apply. Personal injury is all they do at The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus - and they do it exceedingly well. Check their website for real-world examples of settlements and testimonials.
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