Double your Impact
There's still Time to show your support for Carousel Ranch
March, 2024 - Issue #228

Through February, donations to Carousel Ranch will grow twice as big thanks to a generous matching donation - up to $50,000 - from Wayne and Dianne Crawford. So, your $10 online donation will become $20 - and so on! Spread the joy during this month filled with love - literally changing lives not only today but long into the future. Make your doubly-kind donation now and learn how to support the Ranch around town in February by visiting

"The recent hip surgery marked a pivotal moment, with therapy at Carousel Ranch emerging as a vital component in Aubrey's healing process. The therapeutic goal transcends the physical, aiming to enhance her COMFORT AND MOBILITY."
Carousel Wishes & Valentine Kisses

In the heart of Carousel Ranch's compassionate endeavors lies the story of Aubrey, a resilient 5-year-old rider who, despite facing the challenges of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, global delays and epilepsy, emanates a spirit of courage and joy. Aubrey's journey began with a cardiac arrest in infancy, leading to a diagnosis that would shape her path. Over time, the toll on Aubrey's hips became evident, resulting in discomfort and necessitating surgical intervention. The recent hip surgery marked a pivotal moment, with therapy at Carousel Ranch emerging as a vital component in Aubrey's healing process. The therapeutic goal transcends the physical, aiming to enhance her comfort and mobility.
For Aubrey, each session on horseback is a testament to the transformative power of joy and relaxation. A smile graces her face and a sense of tranquility envelops her as she engages in the therapeutic act of riding. In the words of Aubrey's mother, "Navigating the world with a child with disabilities can be challenging, making places like Carousel Ranch invaluable." The staff at Carousel Ranch has succeeded in creating a haven for students and families, a sentiment echoed by Aubrey's family.
As Carousel Ranch embarks on its annual Carousel Wishes & Valentine Kisses giving campaign throughout February, the Santa Clarita Valley community is invited in supporting this haven of healing. The Ranch, known for its innovative approaches to serving students, seeks contributions to reach its fundraising goal. The campaign is further elevated by the generous commitment of Wayne and Dianne Crawford, ardent supporters pledging to match every dollar raised up to $50,000.
Every donation, whether $10, $50, $100 or $500, gains newfound significance through this matching pledge, transforming into $20, $100, $200 and $1,000 for Carousel Ranch. The community, with its collective power, has the capacity to make a profound impact on the lives of children like Aubrey.
To explore further and contribute to this cause, please visit Together, we can create a ripple of positive change, bringing hope, healing and joy to the remarkable children of Carousel Ranch.

Share the Love
Serving over 100 students each week, Carousel Ranch provides on-horseback therapy for children with special needs and vocational training for adults with special needs. Dine out every Thursday in February to support this deserving organization.
See the full lineup at

Don't Miss!
Thursday | February 22
Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co.

Enjoy lunch or dinner at Wolf Creek and a generous percentage goes to the kids of Carousel. Remember to select the Carousel Ranch donation at the top of the "To Go" menu or let them know whether ordering in person or by phone. Don't forget to order your Carousel Cake - with $5 going to the kids from every slice.

Monday | February 19 to Saturday | March 2
Order the Carousel Cake at Wolf Creek

Order your Carousel treat by the slice to gift the org with a $5 donation. Trust us, it is seriously delicious!

All Month Long
Get your Car Serviced at Mercedes Benz of Valencia

Does your Mercedes need service? This is the time to do it! The dealership is generously donating $1 for every vehicle serviced at their station in February. Customers will also have the opportunity to make a matching donation for the kids.

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