Here Comes the Sun
July, 2020 - Issue #190
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

Here's what I have always known but now there's proof: I love what I do so much that I'm happy to do it for free. When community duty, or an advertiser, calls, I show up and work it out - triple time when it's needed (Looking at you, best grad tribute ever!). My version of Safer at Home was being in my office...alone. (Thankfully, the best team in the SCV was only an internet connection away!).
My hometown and the people I work for will always be more important to me than the bottom line. I never have to look for my phone - it's always in my hand, 24/7, because I never want to miss a call if someone needs me. I want to be there for them - the business owners who keep this community and its non-profits thriving - so they can be there for you.
This is my job. It's way behind the scenes and front and center, all at the same time. I'm the supporting actress to so many of our community's favorite leads. I love my role and I take great pride in my work. I see purpose fulfilled and while Inside SCV Magazine is not "news," I get why we're essential.
And we're as beautiful as we are necessary - I'm proud of that fact. I always state my claim to fame as "the pretty one" - I bring the sunshine and so does my team. And, when sunshine's hard to find, it's all the more important for growth. Right now, Santa Clarita's locally-owned and operated businesses need those shiny rays to get growing again. Please join me in cheering them on in this race back to "normal." They are the only reason I am here.
I know I'm not alone in my sentiments. I've ridden with the best of the best in these uncharted waters. What's been made crystal clear by the businesses in these pages and by those who own and run them are that these are my people.
And they should be yours, too, Santa Clarita. They found ways to serve you when the conventional methods weren't an option - and they did it fast. Some with a pivot and different mode of service and some on IG and YouTube. You mean to them what they mean to me. Let me repeat that: You mean to them what they mean to me.
We fuel you - but wow, do you fuel us. Your business with our local businesses is more important now than ever before.
Remember those old Mervyn's ads? Anyone else a Mervyn's model in a past life, or was that just me? (We still have the tearsheets. Can't wait to embarrass my kids with them one day!) But, really - we've all been chanting: "Open. Open. Open!" They are ready to get back to business, get back to providing for their families, get back to serving their community.
And they want to get back... to you.
Return the favor, Santa Clarita - you are the sunshine.
PS: There's a saying, "Nothing will make you feel better except doing the work." I agree. Doing the work builds character, it claims your stake and it shows the future what prosperity looks like. Your e-mails, comments and phone calls thanking us for our Tribute to the Class of 2020 issue will have me smiling through this year and beyond. It was an absolute honor to distribute thousands of copies at our district's drive-thru graduation ceremonies and your feedback has meant the world to me and my team. We will always work for you, Santa Clarita!
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