Keeping Up with Ken
Q & A with Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Striplin
December, 2021 - Issue #206
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courtesy of Shutterstock (right)

Q: The holidays are a busy and bustling time. What can we do to ensure that they are a safe time as well?
The winter season is special in Santa Clarita and, this year more than ever, residents are cherishing time with loved ones. However, we must remember to stay vigilant to keep our family safe and protect our valuables. Don't forget to lock doors and windows at night and before you leave the house. At night, your home's exterior lights or motion sensors can be the best deterrent. Additionally, don't forget to lock your car at night and park in your garage if there is room. When you are away from home - perhaps having a family meal at a restaurant or doing some holiday shopping - park in a well-lit area, hide any valuables in your car out of sight and double-check that windows are rolled up and doors are locked. Home safety and security during the holidays also means inspecting home systems and fixing any issues that are found. This includes cleaning fireplaces and chimneys and having a professional look at your HVAC system before first use to reduce the risk of a home fire. For those who enjoy decorating their homes for the holiday season, extra attention to a few key components can also go a long way. Ensure that any extension cords you use outside are rated for outdoor use. Inside the home, be careful to never overload electrical outlets because doing so could knock out your power or spark a fire. By following these tips, you can ensure that you can focus on time with loved ones and enjoy a happy and safe holiday season.

"We look forward to building upon our city's reputation as a tight-knit, safe, family-oriented community offering a HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE. Happy birthday, Santa Clarita!"
Q: December 15 is also a day to celebrate in Santa Clarita. Can you believe it has been 34 years since the city was incorporated?
It has been an amazing and productive 34 years of cityhood. I am so proud of what we have accomplished over the decades and the enviable quality of life our residents enjoy. In the past year alone, we reopened The Cube as a now city-owned facility, welcomed the 35th park to our city, added amenities to the popular Trek Bike Park of Santa Clarita, delivered an on-time and balanced budget, added to the beautiful open space which surrounds our city, fixed sidewalks and rehabbed miles of road - just to name a few accomplishments. Two landmark facilities were also welcomed to the city in 2021. The new Canyon Country Community Center and Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station are crucial amenities that are going to benefit our residents, and the community as a whole, for generations to come. Even though we are the third largest city in Los Angeles County, the Santa Clarita City Council and City staff make it a priority to be accessible and responsive to the needs of our residents. December 15 is Santa Clarita's 34th birthday, and we look forward to building upon our city's reputation as a tight-knit, safe, family-oriented community offering a high quality of life. Happy birthday, Santa Clarita!

Q: I know runners across the Southland are excited that the Santa Clarita Marathon is returning in February. What can people expect at this year's event?
Our marathon is a unique event because it takes place primarily on our protected trails and paseos. I know many people were disappointed it had to be canceled due to the pandemic - but we are excited to have it return on February 12 for the 25th anniversary! Serious runners will be able to take on the full 26.2 miles and possibly qualify for the Boston Marathon. For runners who are looking for a shorter distance, there is also a half marathon, 10K and 5K. If you are not up for running, join the mayor for the annual Mayor's Walk. There is something for everyone at the Santa Clarita Marathon. Register today at
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