Keeping Up with Ken
Q & A with Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Striplin
February, 2024 - Issue #227
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Q: New Year's resolutions are here! What do you recommend for residents who are looking for new experiences in the new year?
New Year's resolutions are a great way to build better habits and try new things. Residents who have a resolution to travel have various options throughout the city. If you are looking to see more of the Los Angeles area, begin your journey at one of our four Metrolink stations. Want to check out local entertainment venues or explore a new city park? Santa Clarita Transit can take you all around town. If you want to commit to seeing more of the world, your first stop should be the Santa Clarita Public Library to get your passport.
For our residents searching for a new hobby or looking to get more active, I recommend enrolling in one of the city's contract classes. Residents can find classes from essential oil basics, spice blending, bulk meal prep to Himalayan Yoga, archery and pickleball. Visit for more information and to register for a class.
If your resolution is for new experiences, check out one of our landmark events like the Cowboy Festival, SENSES Block Party, Concerts in the Park and Celebrate. These events are great for meeting new people and exploring the city. They are fun for the whole family and can provide you with a much-needed break to destress, be social and meet new people. Make sure to follow the city on social media to learn more about these opportunities.

"If your resolution is for new experiences, check out one of our
LANDMARK EVENTS like the Cowboy Festival, SENSES Block Party, Concerts in the Park and Celebrate. These events are great for meeting new people and exploring the city."
Q: What is on the horizon for the City of Santa Clarita in the new year?
2024 is going to be an exciting year for Santa Clarita. We are one year away from the completion of our 2025 Strategic Plan. First, residents should be excited to welcome the city's 38th park, Skyline Ranch Park. This new park will provide the community with recreational space for sports and exercise, boasting a full-size basketball court, a soccer field, a baseball field and a large-sized multipurpose field. The park will also feature two tennis courts, which will be overlaid with pickleball lines to give residents options for their time on the court. Whether you're playing sports, picnicking or enjoying the outdoors, this park has something for everyone and will be a welcomed addition to the city.
Residents should also be excited about the opening of the Valencia Community Center. This will be the third community center and the first city facility with an indoor pool. The building will feature various afterschool programs and host events for the whole family. To keep up-to-date with these two projects and see what else we have planned, please visit

Q: The rainy season is here.
What are some ways residents can prepare?

Preparing for the rain requires careful consideration and foresight to ensure personal safety and to safeguard your property. Ahead of the rain, residents should sign up for emergency alerts and keep essential supplies like flashlights, water, food and a portable radio handy. Learn how to turn off utilities and be familiar with access routes in and out of your neighborhood. Stay informed by monitoring weather forecasts for potential impacts. Residents should also protect their properties. This involves clearing drains and gutters, maintaining rain barrels and checking roofs for potential issues. It's also essential to copy and back up important documents and photograph belongings for reference. After the rain, residents should assess structural damage, promptly remove wet items to prevent mold, document damage for insurance and plan repairs carefully. Following these straightforward steps ensures effective navigation through the challenges of the rainy season. To find more information about what you can do to prepare, please visit
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