The One where we Celebrated 200 Deadlines
July, 2021 - Issue #201
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

There has been a lot of life lived in the last 200 issues of Inside SCV Magazine. Is it weird to live one month at a time? It's kinda what we do! Every month, we start anew with the beginning of a fresh issue.
I honestly think this way of living makes life easier. Some days are harder than others - and today (This week!) is one of those days.
For this deadline, I'm going to remember how my heart feels at this moment right after reading The Signal's "Morning Rundown." Seeing images of Joslyn Carlon - daughter of fire specialist Tory Carlon, whose life tragically ended just days ago - graduating from Saugus High School hit me right in the heart. Over 300 members of her fire family were there to cheer her on - because her dad no longer can. Is this page wet? My keyboard is soaked.
I used to keep a list of "what happened during deadline." The list was long, often unbelievable (But believe it!) and honestly ridiculous. That's why I kept a list. If we were "Friends" episodes we'd of had issues with names like:
"The One Where Therese had a Baby on October 2 and we Still Went to Print on October 4"
Note to costume and set design: Deadline attire should be a fluffy purple bathrobe;
add lots of red pens and have Jeanna holding the newborn.

"The One Where Amandalynn had Spinal Surgery"
Fan-favorite scene: Jeanna drives her to neurologist Dr. Kapil Moza's office. Only the best for our "A!"

"The One Where Jeanna was the Star of Someone's Hallucinations: Part 1 and Part 2"

"The One When we All had a Migraine and Did the Whole Magazine Silently in the Dark."

"The One Where Kyle and Jeanna Found Out their Son has Autism"

"The One Where we Lost the Entire Issue 5 Minutes Before Sending Files and
we had to Redo It - without Missing Press Time"

Set design: Don't forget the tequila!

"The One Where Therese was Hospitalized with Pneumonia During Deadline and didn't Miss a Beat"
Fan-favorite scene: Jeanna arrives to Henry Mayo - laptop and cupcakes in hand.

"The One Where Mel Kicked Cancer's Ass"

"The One Where we Each had a Flood in our home on Deadline - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (To be Continued)"
Behind the scenes: Part 3 was filmed on location in Channel Islands. When life gives you water damage - and insurance money - do deadline with an ocean view!
"The One Where we Buried our Brother Keith"

Over the last 200 issues, we've seen and survived it all. Things that should have knocked us down failed at their task because there was a deadline.
And we meet deadlines.
Deadlines carry us (I'm pretty sure God's doing the heavy lifting here!). Deadlines give us an imminent end date - and always something to look forward to.
There is a brief loveliness when a deadline ends - much like those moments right after a baby is born, right up to that point the mom-drenaline fades and you need a 12-hour nap.
And then... Well, and then we do it all over again. One month at a time.
In between the deadlines we've birthed and raised kids, led over 100 non-profit events, decorated thousands of Christmas trees, been there when we were needed most for anything and everyone and... remained the best team around.
You know the phrase, "That dog'll hunt?" Well, "this wheel can spin" and "The One During the Pandemic: Parts 1-15+" proved our tread to be indestructible while we spin - and continue to spin - towns away from each other, keeping deadlines smooth on the roughest of life's terrain.
We do it because we're good at it. We do it because we love the people we do it with. But most of all, we do it because we love the people we do it for.
Forever thanks to all our advertisers who make this publication possible and to you, the readers - thank you for welcoming us into your home over the last 200 months. To us, you're family!
Thank you for celebrating with us. As for, "The One Where we Celebrated 200 Issues and Gave Sparklers a Run for their Sparkle" - that's a wrap!
XOXO, Jeanna

Jeanna Crawford is a proud publisher of Inside SCV Magazine and, when not on deadline, lives a glitterfull life of sparkle and shine as a DIY tutorialist and high-end holiday designer. Follow her at @JeannaLovesChristmas on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and - yes - TikTok.
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