We're All the Class of 2021
June, 2021 - Issue #200
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

We. Did. It.
I know so many of you will relate to what I have to say about being on the other side of that statement - this is for you, too. But if you're a student, educator or parent, I mean this doubly for you!
Is it possible to actually make those three beautiful words the entire message? I'm not the same person I was last year and it's with great confidence I can say that you aren't, either.
My favorite book sums up my feelings best: "We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
"Was it what we expected? No. But did we make it through? YES, WE DID!"
Give that another read. I can't speak for you but I have felt all these feels many times over this last year and I think my kids and their teachers have, too. All of us required equal amounts of consoling at different times.
The questions ran rampant: Can I do this? Am I equipped? Will there be permanent damage from this experience? Will anyone learn anything? Is my second grader smarter than me? Why is my 8 year old on my business Zoom call? Will I ever be in my home alone for any duration of time ever again?
Oh, and the tears. And the feeling of inadequacy.
All. Of. Us.
All. Of. It.
Guess what? We are enough. The answer to all these questions was predetermined. Was it what we expected? No. But did we make it through? Yes, we did!
A year later, I can honestly say that I loved having my kids home this year. They absolutely didn't excel in school but they excelled in heart. We released the pressure button on perfection and I easily foresee that sticking in the fall when they return to school.
Skills unfolded within all of us that I didn't know we had. Some skills were honed and fostered, some were mastered. We loved and lifted each other so that we could balance school and home and still run two businesses as a family of four. We can do hard things and we will always do hard things together. We are a family - and we did it!
So. Did. You.
Here you are on the other side, the end of a very remarkable school year, and you are ending it as a much more remarkable person.
Adversity didn't win. You did.
Were moments missed? A million of them. But lessons were learned - both literally and figuratively - and within the lessons is a breath of new life.
To our graduates: Yay you!
I am over the moon you're getting to walk and accept your earned diplomas. You may not have had the expected year you planned on - but stay the course, your journey is starting anew. As with all things, the seasons come and go - but what you learned, that wisdom now tucked under your belt, that's a gift no one can buy!
I don't think it's without coincidence this message comes as we are opening up - as a new light shines upon us.
We did it! Give yourself a round of applause - give all the cheers and... celebrate everything.
Jeanna Crawford is a proud publisher of Inside SCV Magazine and the glitter-covered mastermind behind Jeanna Loves Christmas. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest at @JeannaLovesChristmas for authenticity, DIY tutorials and lots of love.
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